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Knights of Columbus Prayers for the Good of the Order

August 26, 2020


I. Clergy & Religious * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

1.For Pope Francis, all bishops, priests, deacons, and consecrated religious.

2.For Venerable Michael J. McGivney, K of C founder, as a Mass of Beatification will soon be scheduled! (06/04/20)

3.For Msgr. Gary Applegate, dealing with medical issues. (10/02/19)

4.For Fr. John Reynolds, in Atchison KS suffering from Parkinson Disease, not doing well. (10/02/19)

5.For all world leaders to vigorously pursue an end to abortion and infanticide in their countries.

6.For Fr. Scott Kallal, whose new trial date has been moved to November. (06/04/20)

7.For more vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

II. Brother Knights * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

8.For Rich Triola’s younger brother Dennis, is recovering nicely from a heart transplant. Continuing prayers requested. Also, for his brother Michael, who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. (11/19/19)

9.In thanksgiving for answered prayers for Val Ruzick’s daughter and son-in-law; and friend Mike Daniels, who was diagnosed with brain cancer. (11/16/19)

10.For Val Ruzick’s friend John Jochetz (Joshay) as he tries to manage his blindness caused by brain cancer. (12/09/19)

11.For K of C District Deputy Steve Glary, who has kidney failure and on numerous medications. Please pray for he and his wife. (06/07/20)

12.For Jerry Thies’ sister Mary Thies, who passed away on July 2nd. May her soul Rest in Peace. (07/04/20)

13.For Virgil Lane, who had open abdominal surgery on August 17 at Mayo in Phoenix, AZ. Had perforated diverticulitis and some colon was removed. Doing better. Still in hospital. Needs our prayers. (08/25/20)

14.For Fritz Olberding’s wife Lucy, received a defibrillator July 2nd, to help prevent falling. (07/03/19)

15.For John Waters son’s mother-in-law, Molly Ryan, who has cancer and is now taking chemical treatments. Requests prayers. (02/15/20)

16.For Fritz and Lucy Olberding’s son Frank (55), who died August 14th. May his soul Rest in Peace. (08/20/20)

17.For Greg Davis friend Mami (mom-EE) Humann, who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, that her treatments are successful in restoring her health. (01/22/20)

18.For Greg Davis’ sister-in-law Catherine Horn, as she recovers from knee replacement surgery that has been more difficult than expected. Requests prayers. (05/27/20)

19.For Tom McChesney’s mother-in-law Martie Presecan, whose cancer has returned. Requests prayers. (04/14/20)

20.For Mark Holcomb, whose CT scan revealed multiple nodules or masses that could have destructive capabilities. Now on the chemo and immune therapy treatments. Requests our prayers. (07/01/20)

21.For Greg Miller’s friend Tom Cure, having a biopsy on his prostate July 30th. Requests prayers. (07/27/20)

22.For Steve Schneck’s brother-in-law Chris B., who is very sick. Prayers are requested. (07/17/20)

23.For Linda Maskill’s uncle Roy Campbell, who is under hospice care. Requests prayers. (03/31/20)

24.For Randy Duncan’s wife Lori, who had back surgery on March 11th for compression fractures in her back. Prayers requested. (03/11/20)

25.For Kelly Mages’ father Leroy, who is going through some very serious health issues. Requests prayers. (08/05/20)

26.For Chuck Seago’s mother Rita, who passed away on June 29th. May her soul Rest in Peace. (07/26/20)

27.For John Braklow, whose health is steadily improving and is now in the “observation” state. (06/12/19)

28.For Bernie and Mary Anne Noonan’s daughter Maureen, who has been battling pneumonia for more than a month and continues to feel poorly. Requests prayers. (04/13/20)

29.For Dave Wellman’s grandson, entering a new phase in life and appreciates all prayers. (06/12/19)

30.For Everett Fritz’s wife Sandy’s sister Teresa Kirtley (54), on permanent oxygen suffering from Pulmonary Fibrosis, COPD, and extensive diabetes complications. (11/20/19)

31.For Everett Fritz’s brother Terry, who has brain cancer and has had a stroke. Now receiving PT, OT, and Speech Therapy for his condition. Prayers requested. (05/20/20)

32.For Don Goodwin, recovering very well from prostate cancer and recent hip replacement surgery. (08/07/19);

33.For Jerry Gerstberger’s wife Shelley, struggling with medical issues, (02/27/19)

34.For Jerry Gerstberger’s sister Jola, who died on July 12th. May her soul Rest in Peace. (07/16/20)

35.For Shelley Gerstberger’s cousin Bonnie Ruder, who died on August 6th from ALS. May she Rest in Peace. (8/07/20)

36.For Dave Chaffee’s brother Norman (76), ongoing, monthly treatment for Multiple Myeloma. (03/27/19)

37.For John Manning’s dad Donald, serious health issues. Requests prayers. (06/03/20)

38.For Greg Brown’s brother Jeff, whose leukemia is in remission. Praise the Lord. (04/16/20)

39.For John Sanem’s granddaughter Faith Einess, recovering from neurological challenges, (08/14/19)

40.For Ron Micek’s grandson, special intention. (03/12/20)

41.For Ron Micek’s friends Dennis Keefer, Ron Glen, and Gene Hahn, all facing health issues. (12/12/19)

42.For Trinidad Molina’s wife Razia, who fell on April 4th and broke her ankle. Needed surgery to insert a pin. 8 to 12 weeks recover time. Prayers for her recovery are appreciated. (04/14/20)

43.For Mike Scherschligt, still battling serious back issues, and appreciates our prayers. (09/12/18)

44.Joe Kolich family: granddaughter Mary Kate, daughter-in-law Dana, Dana’s nephew Davis (10), great nephew Todd Kolich, niece Joan Mayfield, and niece Sister Rosie Kolich, all with health issues. Prayers requested. (12/13/19)

45.For Joe Kolich’s friends: Ann Smith; recuperating from recent hip injury and for Jerry Cronan; currently under doctor’s evaluation of several health issues, (08/21/19).

46.For Joe Kolich’s friend Rosie, lung cancer and sister-in-law, serious kidney issues. Prayers requested. (02/04/20)

47.For Larry Levret, graft vs. host disease now under control and is recovering from recent lung resection surgery. Appreciates our prayers (11/19/19)

48.For Jonathon White’s aunt Linda Droste, has breast cancer. Appreciates our prayers. (12/23/19)

49.For Tom Swortwood’s sister-in-law Eleanor Johnson, diabetic with a heart condition, 07/19/19); and son John Thomas, missing since December 2011.

III. Parishioners & Other Special Requests * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

50.For Joan Carney’s request for prayers for son Brent (58), whose lymphoma has returned. (10/02/19)

51.For Joan Carney, has vocal cord cancer. Would appreciate our prayers (03/13/20)

52.For all those being affected by the Coronavirus, especially the elderly, may our prayers be with them. (03/17/20)

53.For all medical personnel treating COVID-19. May they be appreciated and in our prayers. (03/31/20)

54.For the speedy development of a vaccine for the Coronavirus. Let us pray. (06/30/20)

55.For Judy Manning, who fell on December 28th and broke several bones in her pelvis. Requests prayers. (12/31/19)

56.For Holy Spirit’s Religious Ed Director Maureen Leach’s father-in-law Dan Leach – Pancreatic cancer. (06/26/19)

57.For Joan Bittner, dealing with a serious health issue and would appreciate our prayers. (06/26/19)

58.For Gemma Campbell’s friend Laura Higginbotham, who is recovering well from recent surgery to remove a brain tumor and is thankful for our prayers. (09/11/19)

59.For Kathy Koenig, at home but must give herself an IV of antibiotics daily. Continues to need our prayers. (06/16/20)

60.For Denise Slaven’s daughter Magdalene (18), ongoing medical issues, (11/06/19),

61.For Maria Blanco’s requested prayers to help deal with a very serious, long lasting issue, (04/10/19), mother, Maria Navarro; stomach issues, (07/24/19), friend Share Narde; has cancer in different parts of the body: Eric Davidson, has bone cancer. (09/04/19),

62.For all ongoing prayer requests submitted to the AVI Collaborator Prayer Warriors.

IV. Permanent General Petitions * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

63.For all persons formerly on the K of C Prayer List with lasting issues, now listed on the Prayer List Extension.

64.For all Knights who may have prayer needs or intentions that are not on this list, nor the Extension List.

65.For all Knights and other parishioners and family members who are seeking employment.

66.For all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, especially those who have no one to pray for them.

67.For all people dealing with hunger, disease, natural disasters, unrest, and terrorism.

68.For all people dealing with depression, mental illness, and those contemplating suicide.

69.For the dignity of the unborn and all human life, including Christians being persecuted because of their faith.

70.For family and friends who have fallen away from their faith.

71.For our parish's Stephen Ministers and their Care Receivers.

72.For the United States of America, our President, the Congress, and especially for God’s intercession to suppress the assault on our constitution, religious freedoms, and other traditional American values.

73.For our deployed military men and women, may they be well and safe.

74.For our military men and women suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

75.For First Responders worldwide (Police, Firemen, EMTs), in gratitude for their service, & prayers for their safety.

76.For the intentions in our Church’s prayer book, and in deep gratitude for prayers answered.

* * * * Note: Bold, italicized entry indicates addition or significant change. * * * *

Please text, call (913-449-5591) or email changes to Jerry Gerstberger (jgerstberger1@gmail.com) by Tuesday noon. Thank You