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Holy Spirit Council No. 11661 11300 W 103RD ST OVERLAND PARK KS 66214


Meeting Minutes of June 11, 2020

Call to Order: Grand Knight, Rick Trudell called the virtual meeting by zoom to order at 7:00 p.m.

Wardens Report: Cards were not checked because the meeting was virtual because of pandemic. However, members were checked by visual recognition on screen.

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance: Led by Grand Knight Rick Trudell

Roll Call: Advocate, Ron Hoffman, Warden, Tony Schroeder, Inside Guard, Mike Bergkamp, 1st Year Trustee, and Tom McChesney were absent

Attendance: Present: 28. Total Membership: 344

Approval of Minutes: Upon motion duly made and seconded, the minutes from the February 13, 2020, meeting was approved.

Grand Knight’s Report

Grand Knight Rick Trudell reported:


1.This was our first meeting since February 13, 2020, because of the corona virus pandemic which to date has caused over 110,000 deaths in the United States alone and cost the US economy to lose over 40 million jobs. The meeting is being conducted visually through the zoom software because of social distancing restrictions being imposed by government for safety and health reasons;

2.Announced the election of officers for the Fraternal Year 2020-2021 which was conducted electronically because of the pandemic as:

·Grand Knight - Justin Lillich

·Deputy Grand Knight - Mike Conrad

·Chancellor – Bud Maskill

·Recorder – Everett Fritz

·Treasurer – Tom Gaume

·Advocate – Rod Hoffman

·Warden – Tony Schroeder

·Inside Guard – Mike Bergkamp

·Outside Guard – Tom Swortwood

·Trustee 1st Year – Rick Trudell

·Trustee 2nd Year – Tom McChesney

·Trustee 3rd Year – Greg Davis;

3. Announced that On-line Exemplification as of June 6, 2020, resulted in four new Knights, specifically Jon Weishaar, Danny Holmes, Christopher Shea, and Andre Trudell and sixteen (16) other Knights completing their Degree work resulting in 20 additional Third (3) Degree Knights in the Council;

4. Announced to the Council with the addition of the four (4) new members as of June 6, 2020, it brought the total to 14 new members qualifying the Council to receive the Father McGivney Award. Also, the Council met the Founders’ Award requirements by attending the May 28 Fraternal Benefit Webinar. Lastly, the Council, through the efforts of Rich Triola, the Program Director, timely submitted its application for the Columbian Award making it possible for the Council to receive the Star Council Award, assuming everything is accepted;

5. Announced he received notice from both Zack Harris and James Halpin, two Seminarians the Council had supported in the past, they had left the seminary. Both individuals thanked the Knights for its support during their time as Seminarians;

6. Announced he had received thank you notes from St. Thomas Aquinas School for the Council’s $300 donation and Jane Grant and her family for the Council’s support during the death and final arrangements for fellow Knight Steve Grant; and

7. Announced volunteers were needed to control traffic after the Masses this weekend for Fr. Alessandro’s farewell.

8. Thanks to Doug Leikam for arranging our council meeting via a Zoom conference.


Deputy Grand Knight Report

Upon completing his report, the Grand Knight called upon the Deputy Grand Knight to give his report. Justin Lillich informed the Council he was looking forward to stepping into his role as Grand Knight. He indicated his intentions to continue the virtual meeting like this one in the near future.

Financial Reports


After the Deputy Grand Knight Report, the Grand Knight called upon Tom Gaume, the Treasurer to give his report. The Treasurer gave his report, to wit:

Checking:             $11,601.47

Less earmarks for Chapel/Coats for Kids         ($1,846.67)

Remainder        $ 9,754.80  

Note: A reimbursement of $500.00 was received on 7/20/2019 for Food for Families. In addition, $400.00 was received from the RSVP Program on 4/9/2020. Both during this Fraternal Year. We hope we will receive the same amounts next Fraternal Year.

Financial Secretary

Thereafter, the Grand Knight asked the Financial Secretary to give his report. Greg Miller, the Financial Secretary, read the current bills to the Council for payment. They were:


1.Exemplification Expense              $244.00

2.Supplies from Supreme               $ 3.83


On motion duly made and seconded, it was approved to pay the above bills by the Council.



The Grand Knight called on the Lecturer to address the Counsel with his Program. Greg Brown, the Lecturer, provided prepared remarks on “The Memorare”.



  The Grand Knight acknowledged Chad Eickholt, the Membership Director, for his dedication over the years in recruitment and retention which cumulated this year with 14 new members and other members being exemplified to the Third Degree. Chad confirmed to the Council its membership is now 344




  Not present. No report given.




  Present, but no report given.



  Present, but no report given



Absent, no report given



No report given




The Grand Knight called upon the Youth Director, Don Watson, to give his report. Don Watson updated the Council on this year’s Free Throw Contest. He said one of the youth’s the Council sponsored made it to State




The Grand Knight called upon the Web Master, Bob Long, to give his report. Bob said because of the lack of activity due to the pandemic he has nothing to update the Knight’s web page with. He requested from the Council it provide him with pictures, reports, etc. of any activities to update the Council’s web page.


Unfinished Business

  The Grand Knight asked whether anyone had any unfinished business to bring up.


John Weber addressed the Council and updated the Council on the results of the Lenten Fish Dinners since they were abrogated by the Church because of the corona virus epidemic. He reported after expenses the Council netted $414.48 on the two held. Recommendion was made that the money be carried over to next year and distributed to the charities along with the money raised from the Lenten Dinners in 2021. Motion made and approved.


Thereafter, Everett Fritz was recognized and made a motion to ratify all the activities of the Officers in paying the bills, depositing money, electing Officers and conducting the affairs of the Council during the corona virus pandemic. The motion was seconded and unanimously passed by the Council



  With Unfinished Business being concluded the Grand Knight asked whether anyone had any new business to bring up with the Council.


  Ken O’Bryan was recognized and informed the Council that Play along Football would start in July. Because use of the Church is limited along with the Mass attendance, he was not certain how the sales tickets would be conducted this year. He did indicate the Council members would get their envelope with tickets and be asked to find buyers for them as in past years.





Dan Hageman, the Worthy Navigator, was present. He announced to the Council the Assembly would have an Assembly meeting in September. Further, he informed the Council the Assembly’s Officers for the Fraternal year of 2020/2021 were the same as last year.




The Grand Knight announced:

·The Knight of the Month was Don Watson and

·The Family of the Month was Ron and Julie Micek




  No report. The District Deputy was absent.




The Field Agent, John Rodriguez was present at the meeting. John emphasized his availability to the Council. John’s phone number is (913) 403-9400. John indicated he will be reaching out to each of the Council members. Also, Luke Henry could still be reached in John’s absence. Luke’s e-mail address is Luke’s phone number was (913) 568-6581 or (855) 356-4859. Anyone having Insurance needs was asked to reach out to John Rodriguez..




Prayers Requested


  Before closing the meeting the Grand Knight asked whether any Brother Knight wished to request prayers for the sick and distressed. Names for which prayers were requested were:


·Steve Glary, our past District Deputy is suffering kidney failure;

·Gary Thome, Chad Eickholt’s father in law, is sick and Chad asks we pray for him;

·Arkie Fowler, Phil Fowler’s 99 year old mother is in need of prayers;

·Greg Davis asked us to pray for Ken Ereech, a deceased police officer; and

·Greg Brown asked us to pray for Tyler and Kyla Hoffert




There is no Adoration because the Church has not opened-up because of corona virus.


50 / 50 DRAWING


No 50/50 because the meeting was virtual.


FINAL Comment: Our Grand Knight expressed his thanks to all his Brother Knights for their support and hard work during his tenure these past two years. “You make a difference, each and everyone on you, I couldn’t have done it without you. God Bless!”


The meeting closed at 7:58 P.M.



Respectfully submitted,


Everett Fritz, II, Recorder