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Holy Spirit Council No. 11661 11300 W 103RD ST OVERLAND PARK KS 66214


Meeting Minutes of December 12, 2019

Call to Order: Grand Knight, Rick Trudell called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.

Wardens Report: All were in possession of a valid membership card.

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance: Led by Grand Knight Rick Trudell

Roll Call: Rod Hoffman, Advocate, Tony Schroeder, Warden, Tom McChesney 1st Year Trustee, and Greg Davis Second Year Trustee were absent

Attendance: Present: 29, including District Deputy. Total Membership: 342


Approval of Minutes: Upon motion duly made and seconded, the minutes from the November 14, 2019 meeting were approved.

Grand Knight’s Report

Grand Knight Rick Trudell reported:


1.His appreciation for the twelve (12) Knights who showed up to construct the Nativity scene on December 7, particularly Trinidad Molina who led the team.

2.His appreciation for the Knights who helped put on the “Breakfast with Santa on December 8, particularly Rod Hoffman and John Weber;

3.The request from Ariel, in the Parish Office, for Knights help in decorating the Church for Christmas on December 20 starting at 9:30 A.M.;

4.Four new Knights joining the Council from the 1st Degree Ceremony held immediately before the meeting. The four new Knights are: Paul Steger, Tate Brungardt, Michael Bartkoski, and Joseph Roth. He thanked Chad Eickholt, Membership Director, for his efforts in making this happen along with the First Degree Team;

5.$375 came back to the Council from the Religious Education Raffle Ticket Program. The $375 was designated for the Holy Spirit RICA Program.

6.The Officers’ Meeting would be held January 2, instead of December 26, because of the conflict with Christmas; and

7.Thank you notes and mail received from Little Brothers of the Lamb, State Council, and Conception Abbey. He circulated the correspondence for the Council to read.


Deputy Grand Knight Report

No report given.

Financial Reports


Tom Gaume reported:

Checking:             $19,273.39

Less earmarks for Chapel/Coats for Kids/Baby Bottles $4,942.90

Remainder        $14,330.39

  Tom informed the Council the Council netted $478.11 at the Breakfast with Santa event. Also, $55.00 for stamp was approved at the Officers Meeting.


Financial Secretary

The Grand Knight called on the Financial Secretary to give his report. The Financial Secretary, Greg read the current bills to the Council for payment. They were:

1.Supreme (Coats for Kids for $ 3,096.23 plus Pins)   $ 3,122.85  

2.The Printery House (Christmas Card  & Items)        $ 456.54

3.FTD Flowers (Funeral for Joe Pollock)           $ 87.29

4.Stone Lason Imaging Trophies             $ 106.62


On motion duly made and seconded, it was approved to pay the above bills by the Council.


Thereafter the Financial Secretary told the Council of the needs of the Blessed Brian Home. By motion he solicited a donation for the Organization. After a discussion by the entire Council the motion was tabled for further discussion at the next Officers meeting..


Finally the Financial Secretary inquired of the Council how long to carry delinquent Knights before removing them. He reported the Council has carried them in the past for two years and removed them the third year of delinquency. After a lengthy discussion the Council opted to carry delinquent Knights one year and removed them the second year they are delinquent.





The Grand Knight called on the Lecturer to address the Counsel with his Program. Greg Brown, the Lector, gave his prepared remarks on St. Joseph, the Dreamer who never spoke a word in scripture.



  The Grand Knight called on the Membership Director to give his report. Chad Eickholt, the Membership Director, announced   the Council has 342 members, not including the four (4) new members who joined the Council this evening. Chad thanked the 1st Degree Team. He informed the Council we have nine (9) new members for the year to date and said the next 1st Degree exemplification is scheduled for March 12 with the next Membership Drive set for the weekend of March 7 and 8.




  No report given.




  The Grand Knight called on the Faith Director to give his report. Everett Fritz, the Faith Director, informed the Council the “Men Under Construction” annual retreat would be held February 29, 2020, at Ascension Parish and the Council has adopted this event for its spiritual growth. This retreat will fulfill the Spiritual Reflection requirement of the Faith in Action Program.



  The Grand Knight called on the Family Director to give his report. John Weber, the Family Director, informed the Council there were five (5) Sundays in December. He informed the Council Communion Breakfast would be December 29, 2019 starting with 9:00 Mass followed by breakfast in the Martha and Mary room. The cost will remain the same at $10 per person and those 12 and under eat free.



No report given.



No report given




The Grand Knight called upon the Youth Director, Don Watson, to give his report. Don Watson informed the Council the annual Free Throw Contest would be held in the Holy Spirit School Gym starting January 6. He sought additional volunteers besides the ones he announced.


Unfinished Business

  The Grand Knight asked whether anyone had any unfinished business to bring up. However, before succeeding to the members the Grand Knight reported the Council received two checks each $1,231 from the Tootsie Roll Drive. He said one check was made payable to Friends of Johnson County and the other to Lakemary Center.


  Thereafter, Greg Miller stood and was recognized. Greg said help was needed for the Catholic Charity Food Drives after the 4:00 P.M Mass on Saturdays and the 6:30 P.M. Mass on Sundays. Individual Council Members present agreed to cover the Masses.


With the Catholic Charity Food Drive issue addressed, Brother Miller informed the Council of the Christmas Cards for Seminarian results. Further, he indicated he would not Chair the Christmas Cards for Seminarian Program next year. He said he would help, but after sixteen (16) years he was asking someone else to Chair the Program. In closing on this subject, he informed the Council he had Christmas cards for each Seminarian receiving RSVP funds and asked each Knight present to sign the cards.




  With Unfinished Business being concluded the Grand Knight asked whether anyone had any new business to bring up with the Council.


  Bud Maskill stood and was recognized. Bud informed the Council he would not Chair the Coats for Kids Program next year. He informed the Council he would help with the Program, but after many years of service he was retiring as Chair. With this announcement, Greg Brown volunteered to Chair the Coats for Kids Program next year.


  Before succeeding the floor, Bud Maskill announced the Team Captains for the Lenten Dinners. He encouraged all members to support the Captains and sign up as volunteers to help with the Lenten Dinners.


  Thereafter Doug Leikam stood and was recognized. Doug announced he was attending as an Ambassador for the Parish. Doug expressed from Father Ric the Parishes appreciation for all the service provided by the Knights to the Parish. Doug informed the Council of a new Convocation Program to be announced and rolled out by the Parish on Epiphany Sunday. He informed the Council it would be called upon for support and sought the continual prays from the Council regarding the Churches’ existing Programs and this new one.


  Thereafter, John Weber stood and was recognized. John sought a donation from the Council for the Churches’ capital campaign for the lights in the Church. After much discussion a motion was duly made and seconded to donate $332 to the Church Light Fundraiser.


  Thereafter, Greg Brown stood and was recognized. Greg


suggested we open up Men’s Knight Out to all Catholic men of the Parish. After a lengthy discussion a motion was made and seconded to table the idea until it could be discussed at the Officers’ Meeting.




Dan Hageman, the Worthy Navigator, was present. He announced to the Council the Assembly conducted an Honor Guard for Joe Pollock’s Funeral, the Assembly held its Christmas Party December 9, and the next Assembly meeting would be January 20, 2020.




The Grand Knight announced:


The Knight of the Month was Greg Brown, and

The Family of the Month was John and Rosemary Weber.




  The Grand Knight extended an invitation to the District Deputy, Steve Glary, to address the Council.


  The District Deputy announced the Education Raffle was held and there were no winners from Johnson County. He reported the closest winner to Johnson County was from Garnett KS. He said someone there won $4,000.


  Further, the District Deputy announced starting January 1, 2020, Supreme has changed the exemplification of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity. He indicated each exemplification will be much shorter and it will be open to the public.




The Field Agent was not present at the meeting. The Grand Knight informed the Council our new Field Agent was Luke Henry. His e-mail address was His phone number was (913) 568-6581 or (855) 356-4859. His address was P.O. Box 265, Gardner KS 66030. Anyone having Insurance needs was asked to reach out to Luke Henry.




Prayers Requested


  Before closing the meeting the Grand Knight asked whether any Brother Knight wished to request prayers for the sick and distressed. Names for which prayers were requested were:


·Lydice Lynn Brown , baby granddaughter of Council Member Greg Brown, was fighting a serious illness;

·Terry Fritz, brother of Council Member Everett Fritz, is fighting stage four brain cancer; and

·Fr. Tom Dolezel, former Pastor of Holy Trinity, is suffering from a serious illness.




Jerry Gerstberger reported there were thirteen (13) people at Adoration last night.


50 / 50 DRAWING


The winner of the 50/50 drawing was Steve Glary, who won $12.


The meeting closed at 8:55 P.M.



Respectfully submitted,


Everett Fritz, II, Recorder