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Holy Spirit Council No. 11661 11300 W 103RD ST OVERLAND PARK KS 66214


Meeting Minutes of November 8, 2018

Call to Order: Grand Knight, Rick Trudell, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Wardens Report: All were in possession of a valid membership card.

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance: Led by the Grand Knight

Roll Call: Deputy Grand Knight, Advocate, Trustee 3rd Year were absent.

Attendance: Present: 30. Total Membership: 369

Approval of Minutes: The minutes from the October 11, 2018 meeting were approved.

Grand Knight’s Report

The Grand Knight began with the Tootsie Roll Drive results. Chair Phil Fowler interjected that we had a decrease this year due to weather. 50% of proceeds go to Lake Mary House, 50% go to Friends of Johnson County. This distribution was discussed and approved by the council. Left over boxes are available for $5.00. The Saturday 9-11 shift won a first place prize of a Home Depot gift card, Mike Berkcamp, Dave Wellman, and Tony Schroeder.

Thank you notes from Little Brothers of the Lamb and Resurrection School were passed around the room.

KofC Safe Environment Program is a 2 ½ to 3 hour online training session required by Supreme. It is similar to VIRTUS but VIRTUS does not quality for Supreme. It is required for GK, Family and Community Directors. Also, a background check is required and run by a Supreme designated company on the Family Director. If not taken the directors cannot serve in their positions. Our Family and Community Directors did not take the training therefore they cannot serve in those positions. This does not affect their membership status. They can be considered for a Faith in Action role in the future. The Grand Knight did complete his training.

Hurricane Relief, Supreme asked for council donations. The officers approved a $250 donation.


Deputy Grand Knight

Rich Triola was absent.

Financial Reports


Tom Gaume reported:

Checking:    $13,939.71

Financial Secretary

The following bills were presented and a motion to pay the bills was discussed and approved.

Chris Horvat for Costco pizza $45.70

Tom McChesney for refreshments $95.80

Coats for Kids with shipping, additional order $469.10

The Printery House, Christmas cards $312.54

St. Thomas Aquinas Teens for Life assistance $250.00

Lector’s Report

Michael McCray gave the lector’s report. Where are we going was the theme. Life is cheap. Nuclear war seems as possible as ever. In 1984 Pope John Paul II consecrated Russia to Mary, long after her request at Fatima. Russia used to have only 100 or so churches, now there are 30,000. Renewal can happen when we turn to God. Augustine said Satan can change good to his bad purposes, but God can even more so turn evil to good. Here are 3 steps to renewal; reclaim the culture, solidarity, and subsidiarity (at the grassroots or community level). Here are more ways to affect positive change; pray for our enemies (such as Saul Alinsky – mentioned last month), “ rush to God,” as Mother Angelica said, receive the Eucharist often, turn to Jesus through Mary, pray the rosary, and be good disciples by spreading the gospel. James 2:26 – faith without works is dead.




Justin Lillich, recruiting weekend is setup for this weekend, Nov 10 & 11. Our next First Degree will be on December 13. Steve Vehlewald said his son-in-law, Steve Maupin, a convert, will join our council. His form100 was voted on and approved.

Church Director

Everitt Fritz, no report.

Pro-Life Director

Dave Boone, no report.


Vocations Director

Howard Hunter mentioned that the Deceased Knights Mass will be Tuesday, Nov. 13. Mass is at 6:00 followed by a rosary. Tequila Harry’s afterwards is a possibility.

Community Director

Tony O’Brien, no report.

Council Director

John Weber, not present.

Unfinished Business

Play Along Football, proceeds for the council are $6,098, last year’s was $5,727.50.


Coats for Kids, Bud Maskill reported that 151 coats were distributed, 7 actual coats were part of this total. $4,832.00 was collected for next year’s distribution.


Christmas card sales, Greg Miller reported only 1 week left and then the cards will be distributed.



Knight of the Month: Joe Thomas

Family of the Month: Dan and Jo Ann Kanatzar

Breakfast with Santa will be Dec 9th. Volunteers are needed. Rod Hoffman is in charge of food.

Uplift needs donations. Clothing drive is this Sunday. Bring in blankets and such too.

St. Thomas Aquinas March for Life is requesting sponsorship for their trip to Washington D.C. Holy Spirit students participate every other year and are not going this year. The council debated and approved $250.00.


Fourth Degree Report

John Weber was not present but Don Watson offered the following. There is no meeting in November and December. The next meeting is January 21st, 3rd Monday. Dues statements are available. A 4th Degree team helped at this November’s Mid Term elections as a fund raiser.

The next Fourth Degree Exemplifications are coming up. Two are nearby, Saturday, Nov. 17, Marysville, KS; and Saturday, April 27, Ascension.


Insurance Agent Report

John Lawrence is the interim agent. His number is 913-645-4820. Please call him with your insurance needs.

District Deputy Report

Steve Glary, 913-302-6500, mentioned two things for us. There is a bowling tournament in Seneca, KS on January 12th. Teams are being accepted. Life is a priority for Knights. Every Knight must stand up for life.



Prayers Requested.

Linda Maskill, Bonnie Brown (Greg Brown’s mother), Leslie Ward

Adoration Chapel Report

Jerry Gerstberger said several knights and others said the rosary.