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Holy Spirit Council No. 11661 11300 W 103RD ST OVERLAND PARK KS 66214


Meeting Minutes of September 13, 2018

Call to Order: Grand Knight, Rick Trudell, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Wardens Report: All were in possession of a valid membership card.

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance: Led by the Grand Knight

Roll Call: Deputy Grand Knight, Recorder, Inside Guard, Advocate were absent.

Attendance: Present: 29. Total Membership: 369

Approval of Minutes: The minutes from the August 9, 2018, meeting were approved.

Grand Knight’s Report

Grand Knight introduced John Lawrence, the interim Knights of Columbus Insurance Agent, to the council. The SEC reviewed the Knights insurance program and it came in as the number one insurance company in the country — The strongest life insurance company in American. If anyone is interested in being the insurance agent for the council, he should contact John. September is life insurance awareness month. This is a good time to review your current plan. Even if it is not with the Knights of Columbus. John reminded all Knights that on Friday, Nov. 30, there will be a Retreat of Atonement at Christ Peace House of Prayer in Easton, KS, for the church in this time of scandal. It will be a retreat of fasting and silence. Knights can contact John at 913-645-4820.

Religious Education Tickets were all sold at the meeting. The financial secretary informed the Knights that of the $1,000 donated to raffle, the council will receive $350 to be given to RCIA.

Jamie Flood, a new Knight, was introduced to the council. Jamie is a five-year member of Holy Spirit. He and his wife, Jennifer, have three children: Megan, Katie and Haley. Jamie works for John Deere and has moved around a lot. This is the longest the family has spent anywhere.

The Knights received two letter concerning Tom Maillard. The first was from Sandra and the second from Tom’s grandson, Marty Buchannan. The letter included a donation from Tom to the council for $1,000.

Fun Fair was canceled. But, every Knight was thanked for offering to help at the fair.

This Sunday, September 16, is Donut Sunday, The Knights will be handing out donuts in September and February. Anyone interested in handing out donuts and cleaning afterword, please sign up.


Tootsie Roll Drive will be Oct. 12, 13 and 14. Proceeds go to Lake Mary and Friends of Johnson County. Friends of Johnson County have invited four Knights to attend a dinner, Thursday, Sep. 30. They will be presenting an award to the Knights. The dinner will include cocktails and a silent auction. Contact Phil Flower for more information at 913-888-2860.


Financial Reports


Tom Gaume reported:

Checking:    $9,219.50      


Financial Secretary

The following bills were presented and a motion to pay the bills was approved.


Hy-Vee food $76.55

Garment Bags $87.17


Lector’s Report. Michael McCray gave the lector’s report. Have we become an apostate culture? Christ said, “Who do you say that I am.” He knew they were only after the miracles he could perform. Jesus asks each generation in every culture, “Who do you say that I am.” Are we a corrupt culture? Relativism has been and continues to shaped the culture in any way that suits us. Today, there are 45 million babies aborted worldwide. We have in our country, those who want to promote euthanasia, assisted suicide and want to reduce the undesirables in our country. Devil worship is on the rise. Relativism and political correctness do not allow even pro-life prayer groups on school campuses. Catholic’s were once a strong voice in America. Now many have lost their faith or no longer practice it. Atheists prefer not to have a god. Alexander Solzhenitsyn said it best, “Without God, all things are permissible.”

As Catholics, we have to stand up and fight our apostate culture. If not, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Michael’s complete talk can be found in the Grand Knight’s monthly email.







Justin Lillich was not present but provided a report. Three leads have come in to the parish office. Chad attended the new parishioner’s lunch and received several leads. Please wear your name tag to mass to show the parish how many there are of us. Our next First Degree will be on December 13.

Parish Council Director

Everitt Fritz reported on the planning of the protection of the church. Outside consultant will be coming in to advise church leaders on active shooter situations. He also advised Knights to be on the lookout for scams from people claiming to need money and to be representatives of the church.

Pro-File Director

Dave Boone reported that the Wyandotte Pregnancy Center is having its annual banquet at 5:30 p.m., on Tuesday, Sept. 25.

Dave said one of our fellow Knights runs the convention center bar. Knights going to the banquet will get free drinks.

40-Days for Life will be from 7 a.m. till 5 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 29. Usually volunteers stand for about an hour.

Life Chain will be 1:30 to 2:30 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 7, on the north-east corner of 95th and Antioch.


Community Director

Tony OBrien recommended that all Knights read the letter from Supreme about the scandal. Tony said it was well worth reading because the Knights can be a big part of helping the church to heal.

Council Director

John Weber reported that there is a communion breakfast scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 30. However, flu shots are also scheduled for that day. We are considering using St. Elizabeths hall for the breakfast.

There are four Major Degrees coming up in Johnson County.

Sacred Heart, Shawnee, Sept. 30

Holy Trinity, Oct. 3

Nativity, Oct. 28

Sacred Heart, Gardner, Nov. 3




Unfinished Business

Greg Davis was recognized for organizing the Royals Outing. Greg gave kudos to Mike Gallagher who arranged the Kincaid bus.

Golf Outing will be at 8:30 a.m., Monday, Oct. 1. Cost is $33 for cart and fees. Shotgun start. Non-Knights are welcome. Attendee can pay at the outing or give money to Tom Gaumé.


Ken OBryan sent an email report that we sold 811 tickets. Last years total was 780.



Open discussion on what to do with Tom Maillard $1,000 resulted in five different ways to commit the money. Ultimately, it was decided to table the discussion until we can look in to all the possibilities.

Coats for Kids report was given by Bud Maskill. He reported 10 school are on our list for coasts:

St. Anges, St. Patrick’s, Holy Name, Resurrection, St. Paul’s, John-Paul II, Savior, Ward, Miege and Christ the King.

Little Brothers of the Lamb is holding an open house for its Dedication Day, Saturday, Nov. 3.

Greg Miller said Food for Families is a project that would earn the Knights $500 for collecting food. The obligation would be one weekend a month. Knights are considering supporting this effort.


Knight of the Month: Tom Maillard


Family of the Month: Jim and Karen Chladek   


Fourth Degree Report

John Weber said there are four Fourth Degree Exemplifications coming up. Two nearby are Saturday, Nov. 17, Marysville, KS, and Saturday, April 27 Ascention.

Our next Fourth Degree meeting will be Monday, Sept. 17, in the Martha and Mary Room.

Chalice Dinner will be Saturday, Oct. 20, in the Martha and Mary Room.

Deaconate Ordination will be Saturday, May 18, 2019. We will be the host council and will need volunteers for the color guard.





Prayers Requested.

David Grant fell and has a cracked rib.

Fred Fox had a stroke.

Frank Settle father, Lester Settle, is sick, and nephew’s son has had serious brain issues.

Tony O’Brien said Tami Brindell had surgery today.