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Holy Spirit Council No. 11661 11300 W 103RD ST OVERLAND PARK KS 66214


Meeting Minutes of August 9, 2018

Call to Order: Deputy Grand Knight, Rich Triola, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Wardens Report: All were in possession of a valid membership card.

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance: Led by the Grand Knight

Roll Call: Grand Knight, Advocate, Advocate, Trustees 1st and 2nd Year were absent.

Attendance: Present: 36. Total Membership: 369

Approval of Minutes: The minutes from the July 12, 2018 meeting were available and approved.

Grand Knight’s Report

Rich Triola, sitting in for Rick Trudell, told us the State Religious Education Fund Raffle tickets are available. We have 10 to sell. They are $100.00 each. Buy one or split a ticket between several knights. Rich has the tickets. Must be sold by Sept 30. There are 32 prizes ranging from $25,000.00 to $1000.00.

Fun Fair is Friday Sept. 7. Sign-up sheet is passing around so sign up to help out.

Tom Maillard is in the hospital and is moving to Olathe Hospice. The family is requesting no more visitors. He has stage 4 cancer and had his colon removed last weekend. He has trouble breathing but is able to pray the rosary.

Deputy Grand Knight

Rich Triola said the Communion Breakfast served 66 people, 49 adults and 17 children (children were free). Greg Miller’s financial report will talk about the costs.

Rich gave Tom McChesney and new name badge notating that he is a former Grand Knight.

Financial Reports


Tom Gaume reported:

Checking:    $8,756.16

      Coats for Kids    $2.609.00

      Total     $11,365.16

Tom also reported that he wrote additional checks to Wyandot Pregnancy Center and Kansans for Life, each getting $474.82, for a total of $949.63. Additional Baby Bottles came in amounting to $949.63.  

Financial Secretary

Greg Miller reported the following bills:

Sharon Hellings for Communion Breakfast  $580.52

KofC Supreme          $133.13

Omega Engraving         $68.25

Pizza Hut, guy’s night out      $102.43

T&C Liquor, refreshments       $30.00

These expenditures were all voted on and approved.


Lecturer’s Report

Michael McCray spoke about Jesus’s word, “Who do you say that I am?” Fr. Ric has been speaking in his homilies about the Bread of Life, Jesus in our midst. Only 25% of Catholics believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. We, the unfaithful, want to see a sign. We want a miracle. Even us that go to Mass daily want to see a sign. Jesus is with us always, in our mundane daily lives. He walks in communion with us. Prayers are always heard and answered, maybe not as we hope and expect, but always in what is best for us. Only God can see the big picture, so we must walk with him in faith. St. Dominic said to pray daily for patience, perseverance, and persistence. St. Faustina tells us that the Eucharist is a taste of the kingdom to come. Take in the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion. Do you believe in the Bread of Life? Pray to the Holy Spirit for faith.




Justin Lillich is working on 10 possible candidates. Please send any referrals to Justin.

He introduced a new member to us, Mike Bergkamp. Mike is a transfer and is a 4th Degree Knight. Welcome Mike!

Church Director

Everett Fritz said that State needs our seminarian pledge card in after this meeting. He recommended we support the following 6 candidates, 5 seminarians and 1 sister, Danny Mauro, Geoffrey Calvert, Thomas Maddock, Zack Harris and another AVI seminarian, and Sr. Mary of Jesus. A gift of $500.00 to each was recommended, discussed and approved by the council. This is a total of $3000.00. State will reimburse us $400.00, $100.00 each for up to 4 seminarians.

Vocations Director

No report.


Dave Boone reported that the Wyandot Pregnancy Center’s fund raiser is Tuesday, Sept 25th at the Overland Park Convention Center. Ken O’Bryan said there will be complementary drink tickets. Last year we had 2 tables for Holy Spirit Parish.

Tom Gaume reported that addition Baby Bottle funds came in amounting to $949.63. Half, $474.82, went to each charity, Wyandot Pregnancy Center and Kansans for Life.

Community Director

No report. Tony O’Brien is working it.

Council Director

John Weber was absent but see the above Deputy Grand Knight’s report about the breakfast.


Youth Director

No report.


Family Director

Dave Boone recommends reading the Columbian magazine story on page 7, The Science of Fatherhood.


Historian and Web Master

Bob Long reported that the web page is updated with the latest photos.



Old Nativity Set Fr. Ric has requested that we keep the old nativity set in case the Eagle Scout project is not finished in time.

Royals Baseball game on Sep 11. Cost is $ 50.00 which covers the ticket price of $25.oo plus bus service. Mike Gallagher reported that the bus has been upgraded to a Kincaid motor coach with rest room. Cost is $775.00 which is a little more than the school bus. This was discussed and approved. Mike is covering the $1000.00 security fee so please no college antics! Arrival is 4:30 with a 5:15 departure.

Golf outing is on Mon., Oct 1 at 8:30 at Heritage Park GC, Olathe. Cost is $33.00 for golf cart, 2 drinks and prizes. Lunch afterwards is at Tequila Harry’s.

Play along Football, Ken said the first weekend started slowly. Please sign up to help, especially at the 6:30 mass. Pick up your tickets at mass.

The bags for our ceremonial robes, Greg miller reported that bags come in 2 sizes, suit size and long robe size. The long robe size is what we need and costs $18.00 each. After discussion 4 were approved for purchase.


Rosary stand, Greg Miller reported that someone asked where our gift shop was and was told we do not have one. They asked about getting a rosary and the rosary stand was pointed out to them. They were told to help themselves out to free rosaries. Instead, they made a donation of $40.00. We have had $60.00 total in donations to date.

Christmas lights, we were asked to pay for the Christmas lights again this year but we decided to not help with it. There seemed to be a great lack of support for it last year.

Knight of the Month:   Al Gracik

Family of the Month:     Rich and Donna Triola

Fourth Degree Report

John Weber was absent but sent a text stating that there is no meeting this month but the next meeting is Sept 17

Insurance Agent Report

John Lawrence is the interim rep, 913-645-4820. He will contact our new 1st Degree Knights. Please call him if you have insurance needs.

District Deputy

Steve Glary, our new District Deputy for District 11, address the council. He is a 15 year knight and is in his 3rd year as district deputy. He is a 4th Degree knight at Good Shepherd. District 11 consists of Ascension, Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity & Good Shepherd. His number is 913-302-6500

He said Dale Weber is the State Deputy. He said August 31 is the deadline to order Tootsie Rolls. The district gold tournament is in October. He recommends using E-member to get new knights started.



Prayers Requested.

Everett Fritz mentioned we should pray for Barb Kisler whose sibling has died.

Joe Kolich maintains our prayer list.


Jerry Gerstberger said 6 Knights plus some wives were present.