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Holy Spirit Council No. 11661 11300 W 103RD ST OVERLAND PARK KS 66214


Meeting Minutes of July 12, 2018

Call to Order: Grand Knight, Rick Trudell, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Wardens Report: Warden was absent. All were in possession of a valid membership card.

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance: Led by the Grand Knight

Roll Call: Inside Guard, Warden, and Advocate were absent.

Attendance: Present: 38. Total Membership: 369

Approval of Minutes: The minutes from the June 14, 2018 meeting were available and approved.



Rick Trudell began the meeting with the Installation of Officers by Worthy State Advocate, Michael Grothoff. Rick introduced Mike to the council. Mike then proceeded to install our officers.

Rick introduced our new 1st Degree Knights – Raoul Ramirez, Stanley Miku, Mike Conrad, Jamie Flood. An Initiation was held earlier in the evening.

Correspondence – Thank you from Fr. Aduri for our $250 donation to Blessed Brian Home

(orphanage in India). Also, our ¼ page ad in NRL Booklet ( Thanks E. & S Fritz)

The new Directory / Calendar is available. Cover is “RED” to represent “Holy Spirit”

Budget for 2018-19 needs council approval. A motion to approved was made, seconded, discussed and approved.

The new District Deputy is Steve Glary. We are now in District 11 due to an increase in K of C councils state wide. District 11 consists of Ascension, Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity & Good Shepherd.


Deputy Grand Knight

Rich Triola said our next Communion Breakfast is July 29. Sharon is fixing it for us in the Martha and Mary room. Cost is $10.00 each, but kids 12 and under are free to encourage families to attend. Please sit together at the 9:00 Mass. Breakfast follows immediately.



Tom Gaume reported:

Checking:    $11,062.29

  Draft calendar, $47.55. Bishop Ward donation, $250.00

Tom proposed we pay Greg Miller his financial secretary’s salary which is 10% of the dues, $693.50. The motion was seconded, discussed and passed.

Financial Secretary

Greg Miller reported the following bills:

KofC Supreme, Per Capita      $568.58

    Catholic advertisement    $167.50

    Culture of Life      $322.00, subtotal $1,058.08

All Star Awards, updated plaques     $69.00

Rich Triola, printing of directory    $242.58

Tom Gaumet, Costco check printing     $51.17 (half billed to Play Along Football)

These expenditures were all voted on and approved.



The Thorn in Paul’s Flesh

Michael McCray spoke about the thorn in St. Paul’s flesh. Mike was impressed with the KofC Honor Guard at the July 4th Mass. He compared them to soldiers, soldiers for Jesus Christ, defending the Church from the devil.


Paul, having visions of paradise and a very special close relationship with Christ might have become prideful without his “thorn in the side.” No one knows what this “thorn” was, but it made him dependent on God and His grace. Christ told him, “My grace is sufficient.” Paul said when I am weak I am strong, because of His grace. He offers his suffering up for us, the Church. He trusts in Jesus.


Paul’s offering is an example for us. Pope John Paul II said we must offer up or sufferings, do not waits this powerful opportunity of prayer! St. Thomas Aquinas said that western culture days I can do it myself. I am free and independent. Our faith says otherwise. Pray that we do our Father’s will in our lives.






Rick introduced Justin Lillich as the new Membership Director. Thanks to the First Degree Team for tonight’s Initiation. Justin will attend the new parishioner brunch Sept 11 to recruit new members. He will hold a membership drive the weekend of Nov 3. Chad recommends we do another membership drive in October.

Church Director

Everett Fritz was recognized by the Kansas Bar Assoc. for his Pro Bono work for Johnson County. He is awaiting the next parish council meeting to attend and report on what is happening in the parish.

Vocations Director

No report.


Dave Boone reported that 120 baby bottles were returned, 5 from last year. $5,472.52 was collected, with $2.140.00 in checks to Kansans for Life and Wyandot Pregnancy Center. The remaining cash and change was $3,332.52 was divided by 2 with $1,666.26 going to each of the above charities.

Community Director

No report. Tony O’Brien is working on getting up to speed in his new position.

Council Director

John Weber was absent but see the above Deputy Grand Knight’s report.


Youth Director

No report.


Family Director

No report.


Historian and Web Master

Bob Long was not present.



Old Nativity Set – Anyone know of a home for it? Bud Maskill will see if Catholic Charities wants it. John White will check with rural parishes. Trinidad said he would like the figures but not the structure if no one can be found to take it.


Checking account, The bank has new regulation needing our by-laws, federal ID number, and council officers names and titles. Here are the names and titles:

Grand Knight, Rick Trudell; Deputy Grand Knight, Rich Triola; Treasurer, Tom Gaume;

Financial Secretary, Greg Miller

Little Brothers of the Lamb – Little Monastery dedication is on Nov 3. Save the date. The address is 9th and Boeke, KC, KS. Bud Maskill said there is a work day scheduled for this Saturday, July 14. Several knights volunteered to help out.

Greg Davis – Royals Baseball game on Sep 11. Cost is $ 50.00 which covers the ticket price of $25.oo plus First Student (school bus with no toilet) bus service.

Golf outing is on Mon., Oct 1 at 8:30 at Heritage Park GC, Olathe. Cost is $33.00 for golf cart, 2 drinks and prizes. Lunch afterwards is at Tequila Harry’s.

Play along Football, Ken said our biggest fund raiser will start July 28th and 29th.

Rosaries and needed for 1st Degree. Greg Miller will order 50 sets.

The bags for our ceremonial robes need to be replaced. Greg Miller will look into it.

Knight of the Month:   Tom McChesney

Family of the Month:     Mike & Beth Gallagher

Fourth Degree Report

John Weber was absent but it was mentioned that there are no more meetings this summer until September. It was also mentioned that the St. Joseph Assembly is having festival August 3.

Insurance Agent Report

No Insurance agent has been assigned yet. Michael Grothoff said hiring a new agent is in the works.

District Deputy

Our new District Deputy for District 11 is Steve Glary, 913-302-6500.


Prayers Requested.

Rick Trudell, asks us to please pray for Janice Falcone, many health issues.

John White, for Margaret Droste, Ocular Cancer.

Chad Eickhold, for Gary Thome, hip problems.


Tom Maillard said 9 Knights plus some wives were present.