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Holy Spirit Council No. 11661 11300 W 103RD ST OVERLAND PARK KS 66214

Meeting Minutes of June 14, 2018

Call to Order: Grand Knight, Tom McChesney, called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.

Wardens Report: Warden reported that all were in possession of a valid membership card.

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance: Led by the Grand Knight

Roll Call: Advocate and Trustee 3rd Year were absent.

Attendance: Present: 32. Total Membership: 365

Approval of Minutes: The minutes from the May 10, 2018 meeting were approved.



Don’t forget that there is a donation jar to help defray the cost of dinner.

So that I can take my grief early, the officers voted unanimously to take out a ¼ page ad in the program for the National Right to Life Convention being held this month in KC. We had a deadline and kept it within our allowed limit of $250. The convention is June 28-30.

This past Sunday was the diocesan 50th Anniversary Mass. Three members from out council are celebrating 50th anniversaries this year: David and Sue Chaffee, Michael and Janice McCray, and Tom and Marilyn Swortwood. Congratulations to them. Genuinely, their wives are saints on earth!

One item that we introduced last month that we need to bring to a vote is for any support that we would be willing to provide to offset the cost of the freezer that died in the school kitchen. The cost of the repair is $2600. The parish has said that they would be happy with anything that we could do. After reviewing the financials, the officers have recommended that we cover the full amount, as we will still have plenty of money in the coffers including the full reserve for Coats for Kids in the fall. There was a motion to fully cover the cost, it was seconded, and after much discussion was approved.


  Save the date – Evening for Life, 9/25/2018.

  Thank you for our donation to the Marion Conference

  Thank you from St. Thomas Aquinas for sponsoring their walk for life.

Deputy Grand Knight

Rick Trudell asked that all officers attend the next officer’s meeting to finalize the new calendar and to get things started in the fraternal year right. He will try to get the district deputy or Fr. Ric to do an installation ceremony of the officers.



Tom Gaume reported:

Checking: $14,309 less the afore mentioned $2600, for a total of $11,709

Financial Secretary

Greg Miller reported the following bills:

All Star Engraving, plaques for rosary stand   $29.74

Fireside BBQ for the 8th grade Server’s Lunch $358.23

Omega Engraving, name badges     $47.75

T&C Liquors, Beverages $16.19

T&C Liquors, beverages       $14.99

HiVee, dinner      $66.48

Tequila Harry’s         $600.00

Tom Swortwood, turkey fryer for Boy Scouts $50.00

These expenditures were all approved.



Michael McCray spoke about the topic, how we came to be known as worthy knights. He got a lot of his information from the Columbia Magazine article “Knights, the Servants of Mercy.” The Knights have a long tradition in the likes of the Knights of Malta, etc. Knights were known as warriors but they existed for mercy and service of others. The root word for knight means servant. The knights of old were known to serve justice, truth, and honor, and to defend and protect the weak. Knighthood and Christianity went hand in hand, with Christ as the model of sacrificial generosity. Fr. McGivney’s ideas for knights were extensions of this ethic in unity, fraternity, and love of church and country. We Knights have received freely, freely we are to give. This is the will of Christ, our witness through charitable acts.




Chad Eickholt reported that we have 365 members, 4 added and 6 subtracted. We have 3 new applicants for July, 2 will attend a 1st Degree, the other via DVD.

Chad recommends we do another membership drive in October.

Our next 1st degree is July 12.

Church Director

Rich Triola reported that the rosary stand now has the plaques installed that were approved last month. It stands in the narthex.

Vocations Director

No report.


Dave Boone was not present but I, Greg Brown, report the following. Holy Spirit will collect the Baby Bottles on Father’s Day. This is our biggest fund raiser for prolife support, ½ our income.

National right to Life Convention is to be held June 28-30 at the Overland Park Convention Center, Sheraton Hotel. This is the first time to be held in Overland Park.

Community Director

No report.

Council Director

John Weber said the Awards and Hall of Fame Dinner is this Saturday after the 4:00 Mass. The cost is $12.50 per person which includes open bar and Johnnie’s BBQ. The gathering will begin with the rosary at 3:30, before Mass.


Youth Director

Don Watson had no report.


Family Director

Dave Boone was not present.


Historian and Web Master

Bob Long was not present.


Unfinished Business

No unfinished business reported.


Knight of the Month:   Chad Eickholt

Family of the Month:     Justin and Stacey Lillich

Tom McChesney thanked everyone who has been an integral part of the good work that we have done as a council this past year. There are too many to mention, but he wanted to be sure to say thank you because this is his last meeting as Grand Knight. He also said that the council is in good hands with the new slate of officers.

Orphanage in India, Greg Miller suggested we assist Fr Tom Aduri’s orphanage in India by sponsoring one child for one year, $600.00. The motion was seconded, discussed, and then approved.

Ushers needed, John Weber asked for usher volunteers for all masses especially 10:30. He said many knights are already ushers.

Eagle project, prior to tonight’s meeting a Life Scout from our parish troop described his eagle project to the council. He will lead people in building the new outdoor nativity display for our parish. He solicited volunteers. Don Watson made a motion that we donated $200.00 to support his project. It was seconded, discussed, and approved.

Old nativity set, Steve Vehlewald asked what should be done with the old nativity set. He is currently storing it at his business. It was suggested we give it to the Little Brothers or Sisters of the Lamb. Further discussion is needed.

Pitching for Priests, Rich Triola said there will be a ball game at the T-Bones stadium called Pitching for Priests. It is a fund raiser and promotion for the priesthood. It is July 6th. An email will be forthcoming.

Play along Football, Ken brought up that our biggest fund raiser will start soon this summer. In fact tickets are ready. The first drawing for season tickets is Sept 8.

Fourth Degree Report

John Weber reported that the next meetings is Monday June 18th beginning at 6:00 with cocktails, 6:30 potluck dinner, and a brief meeting at 7:15.

Insurance Agent Report

No report.

District Deputy

Jeff Bitter is stepping down from District Deputy. Dave West from Holy Cross is replacing him.



Prayers Requested.

No prayer requests.


Tom Maillard said 6 Knights plus some wives were present. We average 9 knights.