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Holy Spirit Council No. 11661 11300 W 103RD ST OVERLAND PARK KS 66214

Meeting Minutes of March 8, 2018

Call to Order: Grand Knight, Tom McChesney, called the meeting to order at 7:07 p.m.

Wardens Report: Warden reported that all were in possession of a valid membership card.

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance: Led by the Grand Knight

Roll Call: Advocate, Outside Guard and Trustee 3rd Year were absent.

Attendance: Present: 38. Total Membership: 373

Approval of Minutes: The minutes from the Feb 8, 2018 meeting were approved.



We will be hosting the ladies’ luncheon for the state convention on May 5, catered by Tequila Harry’s. We will need help with setup, cleanup and beverages. There will be a sign-up sheet at next month’s meeting. 6 to 8 (10 at the most) will be needed.

Elections for officers will be held at the May 10th meeting. If you are interested in any elected position (Grand Knight, Deputy GK, Chancellor, Treasurer, Recorder, Advocate, Warden, Inside and Outside Guard), please see any current officer so that you can be added to the ballot. The goal will be to have a slate of candidates for review at the April meeting, elections in May, with the new officers in place at the start of the new fraternal year in July.

Deputy Grand Knight

Rick Trudell suggested that we use badges for member’s wives. The 4th degree team uses them and they are white. We will also use white for the 1, 2 and 3rd degree member’s wives so the tags looks the same. They cost about $10.00. This is voluntary. He will work out the details.




Tom Gaume reported:

Checking:     $30,016.08

There will be deductions for the Lenten dinners soon.  

Financial Secretary

Greg Miller reported the following bills:

Fish dinners           $107.98

Name tags           $25.50

He also reported sympathy and greeting cards costing $23.00



Michael McCray allowed Greg Brown to present his slide show from his Holy land pilgrimage from 2017. It was presented after the meeting.




Chad Eickholt reported that we have 373 members with 3 new members added tonight, Ted Swortwood, Justin Lillich, and Joe Honeyhockey. Welcome fellow Knights! Joe is a transfer from the KSU/Manhattan council. We have a net gain of 1 new member.

Chad will hold a membership drive the weekend of May 5 & 6. This is the State Convention weekend. Please help Chad out after each Mass.

The next major degree (1st and 2nd) is Saturday April 7 in Eudora. Another is Sunday May 20 at St. Agnes.

Our next degree is June 14th.

Greg Miller mentioned that we have a new Lifetime member, David Grant. Congratulations David!

Church Director

Rich Triola reported that Trinidad Molina has completed the rosary stand. It is beautifully made from walnut. It has been on display at the fish fries and many rosaries have been dispensed already. For now it will be placed in the Adoration Chapel. He hopes to present it to Fr. Ric after the Tuesday night Mass and have it blessed. More ideas for it are to make a dedication plaque, build a pedestal, and post a picture of it in the bulletin.

Our Nativity scene will be replaced by an Eagle Scout project Fr. Ric requested. It will consist of silhouettes. It is David Roth’s son’s project. Steve recommended we donate the old nativity set. Also the stations of the cross might be done in a similar fashion for the north sports field.

Vocations Director

Howard Hunter said 303 kids are participating in the vocation poster contest. We will judge the 24 best at the fish fry.


Dave Boone said Holy Spirit will participate in this spring’s 40 Days for Life in the morning of Saturday March 24 for a half day. Please sign up.

Community Director

Not present.

Council Director

John Weber reported the 3 Lenten dinners have averaged about 350 guests and averaged about $733.00 each. The cleanup crews have been great. We are expecting somewhat less for the next dinner due to spring break and college basketball.


The next major degree (1st and 2nd) is Saturday April 7 in Eudora. Another is Sunday May 20 at St. Agnes.


Youth Director


Don Watson said we had 6 winners at the district free-throw contest, 2 girls and 4 boys. We had no regional winners.


Historian and Web Master


Bob Long reported that he posted Mike McCray’s Shroud of Turin report on our webpage.


Unfinished Business

Greg Miller talked about the Knights of Tarcisius, an acolyte or server program for high school boys. They have many requirements to fulfill, one being weekly adoration hour. It is similar to the Boy Scout’s Eagle award. The program promotes vocations. Andrew Lynch from St. Ann’s will talk to the Holy Spirit 8th grade boys about the program. Some suggested that the program include girls, but the program does not belong to the Knights. Dues cost $60 annually but this includes a cassock. It was moved that we pay for 2/3 or $40.00 of each boy’s dues. The motion was seconded and the motion was passed.

Tom Swortwood wants to provide a fryer for the boy scouts and a telescope for the school. After discussion the purchase of the fryer from Tom for $25.00 and subsequent donation to the boy scouts was seconded and approved. The telescope was tabled awaiting more information for Tom to get from the principal of the school, Michelle Watson.


Knight of the Month:   Rick Trudell

Family of the Month:     John and Rosemary Weber

Knight of the Year        Bud Maskill

Family of the Year        John and Rosemary Weber



Fourth Degree Report

John Weber reported that we have 69 members having lost 2 recently. The 4th Degree participated in the Confirmation Mass. Meetings are every 3rd Monday beginning at 6:00 with cocktails, 6:30 dinner, and a brief meeting at 7:15.

A 4 th Degree, the Patriotic Degree, Exemplification will be held in Eudora on April 28. There is one in Wichita on April 14 as well.

Insurance Agent Report

Not present

District Deputy

Jeff Bitter was not present so no report.



Prayers Requested.

Dale Brennon is back at home but very limited. He currently does not want calls or visitors.


Tom Maillard said 11 Knights and 4 wives were present. Excellent!