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Holy Spirit Council No. 11661 11300 W 103RD ST OVERLAND PARK KS 66214

Meeting Minutes of December 14, 2017

Call to Order: Grand Knight, Tom McChesney, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Wardens Report: Warden reported that all were in possession of a valid membership card.

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance: Led by the Grand Knight

Roll Call: Recorder, Treasurer, Trustee 1st Year and Trustee 2nd Year were absent.

Attendance: Present: 34. Total Membership: 374

Approval of Minutes: The minutes from the November 9, 2017 meeting were approved.


Tom McChesney introduced our State Treasurer, Mike Grodhoff, who is in attendance tonight. Also, Tom introduced Tyson Miller, who is transferring into our Council.

Christmas gifts to our priests were provided in the amount of $150.00 last year. Do we want to do the same this year or change? A motion was made and approved to do the same this year for $150.00 each for Fr. Ric and Fr. Alessandro.

The outside Nativity Set is to be setup this Sat. Dec. 16 at 9 a.m. Please come and help.

Thanks to all who helped at the Breakfast with Santa. Rick Trudell reported that we have an initial profit of $659.55 with still a couple of expenses to be paid. One expense is to possibly pay Sharon (kitchen supervisor) an addition amount for the extra cleanup she did from the event. A motion was made and approved to pay her an addition $100.00 over the normal $100.00 we pay for use of the kitchen. The other expense will be for garbage removal. The parish is asking us to pay ½ of the expense for dumpster pickup of trash. The parish will let us know the amount.

The Council Officers recommend that the Lenten Dinner Charities for this coming lent remain the same charities as last year. They are: Project Rachel, Villa St. Francis, Honduras Water Project, Project Uplift, Little Brothers of the Lamb and Wyandotte Pregnancy Center. A motion was made and approved to support these six charities.

A request has been received requesting our council to host the ladies luncheon at next years State Convention. The date is May 5. This is an opportunity to make some money. We could either do it here at the parish (Martha & Mary Room) or maybe at Tequila Harry’s. We will research both. Probably looking at having 90 to 100 ladies in attendance.

The March for Life rally in Topeka will be Monday, January 22.

We received a thank you card from Project Uplift wishing us a Happy Thanksgiving

District Deputy

Jeff Bitter was not present so no report..



In the absence of the Treasurer, Rick Trudell reported the account balance.

Checking:     $20,459.45  

Financial Secretary

Financial Secretary’s Report: Greg Miller reported that the Christmas card sales were good but less than the previous year. We need to supplement the five seminarians and religious by about $800 after the Christmas card sales. Greg recommended that the five seminarians and religious (Thomas Maddock, Michael Schreck, Geoffrey Calvert, Danny Mauro and Sister Mary Jesus Mauro) received $500.00 each. A motion was made and passed to provide $500.00 to each of the five seminarians and religious.


The following bills were also approved

SYSCO (food for Breakfast with Santa)       $1112.09

Refreshments                 $25.35


Holy Spirit food kitchen (includes extra $100 for clean up)   $200.00

Deputy Grand Knight

Rick Trudell reported that Greg Brown wants to purchase 200 solidarity crosses at $5.00 each plus shipping. The crosses would be sold at the Lenten Dinners for $10.00. Proceeds would go to Supreme to assist refugees and immigrants. A motion was made and approved to purchase 200 crosses at $5.00 each plus shipping.

Rick also reported that Breakfast with Santa received revenue of $2,211.00. Expenses to date were $1,551.45 resulting in a surplus of $659.55. However, the Kitchen is asking for additional money to help cover Sharon’s cost for spending 5 hours cleaning the kitchen after the breakfast. A motion was made and approved to pay an additional $100.00.



Michael McCray reminded us of the free lecture series entitled “End Game” presented by Michael Scherschligt on the first Thursday of each month. Michael then talked about Advent and Christmas “What’s the Rush”. Don’t overlook Advent. It is a time of watching with expectation. Prepare yourself for Christmas. Go to the spiritual dessert and find quiet time to reflect, read and go to Adoration… to grow closer to Him.



Chad Eickholt reported that we have two new members this year, but one has left, therefore, we have a net gain of one. Currently we have three prospects and maybe a few more. Our next 1 st Degree exemplification is scheduled for Thursday, March 8. There was also discussion about maybe trying to have a 1 st Degree exemplification on a Sunday. It may fit the candidates schedule better than a Thursday. Consideration was also given to doing it with the DVD but this should be the last option.

Church Director

Rich Triola said the next Communion Mass will be Dec 31. He mentioned we should sit together in reserved pews. We are also working on using Knights for servers, ushers, and lectors. Wear your Knights gear. Another idea is for Knights to attend Tuesday night 6:00 Mass throughout Advent and Lent and sit together.

Vocations Director

No report given.


Dave Boone announced that the Pro-Life Rallies are scheduled for January 22, 2018. Also, Life Saver Sunday and baby shower will be at the end of January. Proceeds will benefit Wyandotte Pregnancy Center (WPC). A new WPC is will be opening in Olathe in the future.

Community Director

No report given.

Council Director

John Weber reported that the next Council Communion Mass and Breakfast will be Sunday,

December 31. Several of our Knights will be participating as Servers, Ushers and Lectures at the

9 AM Mass. Breakfast will be either in the Martha Mary Room or at Hy-Vee.



Youth Director


Don Watson announced that the Free Throw Contest will be held Jan. 8,9, and 10. Don has the

signup sheet with him, so please see him after the meeting if you can help. The hardest times for

volunteer help is 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm. Please also sign up for these times if you are available.


Historian and Web Master


Web Master: Need pictures for the website. Bob Long was pleased that he received some pictures from Breakfast with Santa. In addition, Bob mentioned there is a video on “Want to be a Knight” that is available on the website.


Unfinished Business

Coats for Kids - Bud Maskill reported that six cases were purchased at a cost of $1,320.00. Donations amounted to $3,096.00. There is $410.00 remaining from last year. This gives us a total of $2,186.00 to start next year. Bud also mentioned that he will notify the schools earlier next year to see their need for coats.


Tom Maillard announced that St. Philippine Duchesne 4 th Degree Assembly will hold their annual dinner and dance at St. Paul’s in Olathe on Jan. 25. Tickets are $25.00 each. Both Tom and John Weber have tickets to sell.

Tom Swortwood made the following suggestion and proposal: In order to recruit some new knights out of the Boy Scouts (Eagle Scouts) so we can get some young blood into our 36-year- old council, he would like to propose the following to be voted on by the council. A 36 Qt. Turkey Fryer kit w/ AmeriGas Propane Tank from Tom Swortwood for ½ of wholesale value of $47.50 should be donated. This gesture could be a way of developing a relationship with the Boy Scouts. Don Watson mentioned the Boy Scouts have too much inventory of items as it is, and they need to go through their inventory to determine exactly what they have. After additional discussion a motion was made and passed to table Tom’s proposal for now. It was recognized that we should find ways to work with the Boy Scouts and keep the channels open.

Greg Miller gave us advanced information concerning a program called “Knights of St. Tarcisius” that Greg wants to discuss at the January meeting. The program helps boys remain active as acolytes into high school. There is a cost to each boy of $60.00 and Greg would like to ask the Council to help subsidize the current 8 th grade boys at Holy Spirit. Greg will discuss the various ways we may want to subsidize the program.

State Secretary Report

State Secretary Mike Grodhoff praised the Council for the good discussion we had on attracting new members. He also thanked us for our efforts in working with Coats for Kids and asked us to keep up the good work. He talked about Pro-Life and that Dodge City was next in line to receive an Ultra Sound machine. So, if we have any extra money in our coffers please help. There are 11 Ultrasound machines across the state of Kansas. Both Wyandotte Pregnancy Center and Aid and Advise have a machine.



Fourth Degree Report

The 4 th Degree Assembly Proclamation was presented to John Weber by the State Secretary Mike Grodhoff. The next Assembly meeting is Jan. 15. The next 4 th Degree Exemplification is Apr. 28 in Eudora.

Insurance Agent Report

No report given.

Knight of the Month: Bud Maskill

Family of the Month: Everett and Sandy Fritz



Prayers Requested.

In addition to those on the prayer list please pray also for Bob Lackner, Martha Presecan, Bart Farmer and Carla Dersher.


10 knights attended Adoration last night.