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Meeting Minutes of October 8, 2020 (by Greg Brown for Everett Fritz)

Call to Order: Grand Knight, Justin Lillich called the virtual meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Prayer: Led by the Grand Knight

Roll Call: Justin Lillich, Mike Conrad, Bud Maskill, Tom Gaumet, and Rick Trudell were present.

Attendance: Present: 12. Total Membership: 343

Approval of Minutes: The minutes from the August 2020 meeting were approved.

Grand Knight’s Report

Justin Lillich introduced District Deputy Richard Warwick to us. He is from Holy Cross and is the Grand Knight there. He is District Deputy for Holy Spirit, Holy Cross, Holy Trinity, and Ascension councils. See his comments in the District Deputy section.

Per capita assessment, Supreme has waived its per capita assessment for this year due to Covid 19, however State will use the assessment to help fund Catholic Charities in its Leave No Neighbor behind program. The assessment is $3.25 per knight for a total of $1,036.75. Rick Trudell had some concerns about it but recommended it be approved. It was approved.

Deputy Grand Knight Report

Mike Conrad was present but no report was given.

Financial Reports


Tom Gaume reported:

Checking:             $12047.95

Financial Secretary

Greg Miller was not present.

Lector’s Address

Greg Brown reported on the great prayer to Mary, The Hail Mary.



Chad Eickholt reported we have 1 new knight in September, Ben Conrad. We have 2 new knights for this fraternal year. We have a total membership of 343.

He mentioned there is a great opportunity for new members to join on-line and their dues will be waived until December 31st.

Church Director

Everett Fritz, not present.

Pro-Life Director

Dave Boone was not present. 40 Days for Life for Holy Spirit was September 24th.

Community Director

Tony O’Brien, no report.

Council Director

John Weber sent some cards and or flowers for various events recently.

Youth Director

Don Watson, no report.

Web Master

Bob Long, no report.

Unfinished Business

Tootsie Roll drive, Phil Fowler is the upcoming weekend with most slots scheduled. Where a mask and gloves. There is a contest for most dollars collected. Special Olympics is one of the beneficiaries, but we hope to support others. Holy Cross is no longer working the pharmacy entrance at HyVee, but they are welcome to.

Coats for Kids, Greg Brown reported that 6 cases were ordered and have been delivered. About $600 additional money has been raised with more expected. Greg requested more coats be ordered using our reserve cash in hopes of raising enough to cover the cost. This motion to order 6 more cases was approved. In November we will stand outside after Sunday Masses to ask for donations.


Fund raising, since Covid 19 fund raising is difficult. District Deputy Richard Warwick said he initiated a plan at Holy Cross that was very successful. They sent out letters to all knights asking for a one time donation to meet their annual needs instead of risking the efforts to do traditional fund raising. He suggested we try this.

Downs Syndrome, Chad Eickholt talked about how several Holy Spirit families are affected by Down Syndrome. Mike Conrad and one of our teachers has a “Downs” child. He is asking each knight to consider donating to the “Sole Sisters” team from Holy Spirit. Justin sent out an email titled Sole Sisters with the link.

Phone Tree, Justin suggested we use a phone tree to call our members to ask them to attend our virtual meetings to keep in touch with knights activities. These are tough times and folks might be hurting. This might be a good way to reach out.

Knight of the Month and Family of the Month, Greg Brown suggested we start doing these quarterly or bimonthly. Another council does it quarterly and are happy with it. Justin agreed and will discuss it at the officers meeting.

Deceased Members Mass is scheduled for Tuesday November 10 at 6:00 PM. Greg Brown is coordinating it.

Fourth Degree Report

Dan Hagemen, No meetings are scheduled due to Covid 19.

Insurance Agent Report

John A. Mahon is the new agent. His phone is 785-408-8806, fax 785-408-8801, email, address is Knights of Columbus Insurance, 1275 SW Topeka Blvd. Topeka, KS 66612. Contact him with your insurance needs.

District Deputy Report

Richard Warwick, our new District Deputy, was introduced by Justin (see Grand Knight report).

Richard awarded our council, virtually, the Star Council award.

He said that Steve Glary retired for health reasons and is having a difficult time. He also mention his work with the mentally disadvantaged is especially difficult due to Covid 19.


Prayers Requested.

None reported.

Adoration Chapel Report

Jerry Gerstberger was not present but our rosary is ongoing but very limited. Contact Jerry if you would like to participate on a regular basis.