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Holy Spirit Council No. 11661 11300 W 103RD ST OVERLAND PARK KS 66214


Meeting Minutes of February 13, 2020

Call to Order: Grand Knight, Rick Trudell called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Wardens Report: All were in possession of a valid membership card.

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance: Led by Grand Knight Rick Trudell

Roll Call: Tom Gaume, Treasurer, Greg Miller, Financial Secretary, Rod Hoffman, Advocate, Mike Bergkamp, Inside Guard, and Tom McChesney 1st Year Trustee, were absent

Attendance: Present: 29, Total Membership: 342


Approval of Minutes: Upon motion duly made and seconded, the minutes from the January 9, 2020, meeting were approved.

Grand Knight’s Report

Grand Knight Rick Trudell reported:


1.The Parish needed help with the upcoming Parish Convocation this Sunday in setting up at 4:00 P.M and then taking down on the following Monday following the evening event;

2.There would be no Donut Sunday this coming Sunday because of the Parish Convocation;

3.The Officers concluded at their meeting on January 30, 2020, they were in favor of inviting all men of the Parish to our Council’s Men Knight Out events;

4.Abbey Johnson, the former Planned Parenthood Director and accomplished author who inspired the movie Unplanned will be speaking in Wichita, KS on May 2. The State Convention is also in Wichita that weekend.

5.There are five (5) Sundays in March and the Council would be conducting a Communion Breakfast. However, because Confirmation was scheduled for March 29, 2020, at the Church, this event which would normally be held on March 29 was being moved to March 22, to accommodate the Sacrament of Confirmation being held at the Church on March 29, and

6.The Council had a new transferee who was attending the meeting tonight. The Grand Knight introduced William Ramsey, who had moved from Nebraska. William Ramsey received a warm welcome from the Council.


Deputy Grand Knight Report

Upon completing his report, the Grand Knight called upon the Deputy Grand Knight. The DGK did not have anything to report tonight.

Financial Reports


Tom Gaume was absent and the Grand Knight gave the Treasurer’s report, to wit:

Checking:             $18,121.54

Less earmarks for Chapel/Coats for Kids/Baby Bottles ($1,846.67)

“ “ collections from “Life Saver Sunday”       ($2,005.52)

Remainder        $14,269.35


Financial Secretary

Greg Miller, the Financial Secretary, was absent. The Grand Knight read the current bills to the Council for payment. They were:


1.Supreme covering these expenses: ( per capital $556.83, Catholic advertising $159.00, and $298 Culture of Life, Charges $ 4.17, Payments $61.25)   $956.75          

2.Tom McChesney (Refreshments)            $ 53.07

3.John Weber (Funeral Expenses Reimbursement)         $147.00

4.Chris Horvat (Food)               $ 96.62

5.Bud Maskill (Sausage – Breakfast with Santa)     $ 21.35          


On motion duly made and seconded, it was approved to pay the above bills by the Council.



The Grand Knight called on the Lecturer to address the Counsel with his Program. Greg Brown, the Lector, gave his prepared remarks on the book The Warning, Testimonies and Prophecies of the Illumination of Conscience.



  The Grand Knight called on the Membership Director to give his report. Chad Eickholt, the Membership Director, announced   the Council has 342 members, and nine (9) new members. He informed the Council the Degree Team was busy learning the new exemplification process and called upon Trinidad Molina, who heads up the Degree Team to provide the Council an update of his progress. Trinidad reported he hopes to have a rehearsal of the new degree exemplification process with the team on March 15 with the intent of holding an exemplification event Sunday, April 26 at 1:00 P.M.


In closing Chad reported he and Justin Lillich, the Deputy Grand Knight, are making an effort to contact the over 100 plus 1st Degree Knights in the Council to attend the planned Major Degree Exemplification on April 26




  No report given.




  The Grand Knight called on the Faith Director to give his report. Everett Fritz, the Faith Director, informed the Council he did follow up with the “Men Under Construction” Committee to determine whether they offered a discount for groups. He reported a $2 discount is allowed for at least 10 and less than 20 and a $4 discount is allowed for a group of 20 or more versus the regular price of $40.


  He informed the Council this information was shared with individual Officers and at the Officers’ Meeting on January 23. Because the process to obtain the discount is cumbersome and requires applying on-line, the Council was told the decision was made to forego an attempt to obtain the discount this year, but attempt the process next year starting at the initial planning meeting for the event.




  The Grand Knight called on the Family Director to give his report. John Weber, the Family Director, informed the Council he was still working to engage Father to offer a Knight “Consecration to Holy Family” event to the whole Parish. He reminded the Council it was a required event for the Columbian Award and hoped Father would include it as part of the Convocation event next week. He indicated he would update the Council of his efforts at the next meeting.


  Also, he reminded the Council Ash Wednesday was February 26, and our first Lenten Dinner was scheduled for February 28.



The Grand Knight called on the Life Director to give his report. Dave Boone, the Life Director, informed the Council $2,005.52 was collected on “Life Savers Sunday.” He proposed to the Council $1,000 of the money be donated to the Kansas Life Fund as requested by the State Council to help fund the attempt to overturn the Kansas Supreme Court decision upholding abortion in Kansas and the balance to the Wyandotte Pregnancy Center.


Upon motion duly made and seconded the Council passed the resolution to issue a $1,000 check to the Kansas Life Fund and a $1,005.52 check to the Wyandotte Pregnancy Center to dispense the money collected from “Life Savers Sunday.”



No report given




The Grand Knight called upon the Youth Director, Don Watson, to give his report. Don Watson informed the Council this year’s Free Throw Contest had the largest participation yet. He said eighty-eight (88) youths participated this year up 15%. He reported six (6) of our participants, two (2) girls and four (4) boys, won at the District level and were moving on to the Regional level.


Unfinished Business

  The Grand Knight asked whether anyone had any unfinished business to bring up. Trinidad Molina was duly recognized.


Trinidad reported to the Council the wooden Tabernacle Father wanted to house the monstrance holding the Eucharist had been completed and given to him. Trinidad reported Father wanted lighting to be part of the tabernacle. He reported to the Council he was discussing the topic with Father


Thereafter, Bud Maskill, Chancellor, called for a Rosary check that he conducted of the Council. Bud collected $6.00.



  With Unfinished Business being concluded the Grand Knight asked whether anyone had any new business to bring up with the Council.


  Bud Maskill stood and was recognized. Bud recommended to the Council it build a new Knight podium. The existing podium is worn and could stand to be replaced. Bud informed the Council that Frank Settle agreed to construct the podium for the Council, if it was approved. The Council in its discussion came to the conclusion it believed the Knight podium being used by the Council belonged to the Church and was not actually property of the Council.


Upon motion duly made and seconded it was approved to build a new Knight podium.





Dan Hageman, the Worthy Navigator, was present. He announced to the Council the Assembly would not have a February meeting. He indicated the next meeting would be at its regular time in March. Also, he informed the Council the Color Guard would be participating at the Confirmation Mass at Holy Spirit in March. Finally, he indicated for those interested there would be a Fourth Degree Exemplification on March 7 in Garnett, Kansas. Anyone interested could contact him.




The Grand Knight announced:

·The Knight of the Month was Chris Horvat;

·The Family of the Month was Jim and Dorothy Easterday;

·The Knight of the Year was Bob Long; and

·The Family of the Year was John and Margie Waters.




  No report. The District Deputy was absent.




The Field Agent was not present at the meeting. Our new Field Agent is John Rodriguez. His email is Phone is 913-403-9400. You may also contact Luke Henry. His e-mail address was His phone number was (913) 568-6581 or (855) 356-4859. His address was P.O. Box 265, Gardner KS 66030. Anyone having Insurance needs is asked to reach out to either John or Luke.




Prayers Requested


  Before closing the meeting the Grand Knight asked whether any Brother Knight wished to request prayers for the sick and distressed. Names for which prayers were requested were:


·Dave Grant, a Council Knight who died this morning; and

·Steve Vehlewald son in law, Steven Maupin, who underwent an appendectomy surgery.




John Sanem reported there were five (5) people at Adoration last night.


50 / 50 DRAWING


The winner of the 50/50 drawing was Rick Trudell who donated the $15 proceeds to Pennies for Heaven.


The meeting closed at 8:10 P.M.



Respectfully submitted,


Everett Fritz, II, Recorder