Mar 2019 Lecturer’s Report: Mike McCray: Fasting and Alms power in Intercessory Prayer, by Sr. Ann Shields , Renewal Ministries. Local 11661 JMJ





In desperate times we usually pray more earnestly then ever for the Lord to save us, to save those dearest to us, our friends and family, especially when death seems to be knocking at the door. Sr. Ann gives a number of ways to approach the Lord with our urgent petitions, in our intercessory role. The one selected tonight fits right into the Spirit of Lent. We are talking about a holy grail of vast, momentous importance cherished by Our Lord. And that blessed commitment is Fasting and Alms to the poor.


Our Church provides the Lenten Season for us to focus on where we are at and where we would want to be. We are called by Christ 1st. to Repent, which is a multicolored proposal, in which we are called 1st. to Renew ourselves, our trust, and our belief in him and his church, to have a full conversion, or reconversion of heart in union with His Words and Deeds as rendered in Scripture. Of course, it is also a time to reflect on how we can reduce our sins in our lives in commitment to him. For a more complete definition of Repentance, we should note CCC- 1431, and 1434. With these two explanations, both Fasting and Alms giving are included. A good summary, of being steadfast over time in our humble, honest reconversions we should end up declaring, as St. Paul did, ‘I no longer live, but Christ that lives in me!”


Why does God honor our fasting so much? Because in our faithful fasting, it has the capability to dislodge us from our comfort zones. The capacity to taste an antagonistic environment, to experience a small portion of so many starving in the world, so many living a hand to mouth, day to day existence. If fasting is done properly, we gain a great sense of compassion for the poor which induces us to give charitably from our want. So, fasting and alms giving go hand in hand.


Our fasting and alms giving experience elevates us to a closer union with Our Merciful Lord, who rejoices in our generosity; he who has been so generous with us. And as an added benefit the Lord becomes most willing to answer our intercessory prayers for others with a beneficial, providential outcome. St. Augustine said it most succinctly, “Fasting and Alms are the 2 wings that lift our prayers to heaven!”


Our hearts go out to Sr. Ann Shields, in thanks to her insightful thoughts, in becoming a humble instrument of the Lord to grant the favors that are miraculous, just as his devoted apostles did in spreading the Good News of the gospel throughout much of the known world. These 3 talks of Sr. Ann’s thoughts on intercessory pray, from her little book, Pray and Never Lose Heart – the Power of Intercession. can be found on Bob Long’s, KofC local 11661 website. Thank you for the time and energy you have put into this website, Bob. It complements our local well.

May you all have a productive Lenten Season, for Christ’s loves you for your dedication to his charitable causes. Vivat Jesus