Lecturer’s Report. Nov.2018 Referenced to the end of Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.
ends with a hopeful outlook              JMJ


# 48 So where is all of this evil, death and destruction leading us throughout the world? Bishop Sheen said,” If we continue to destroy life, at every stage, the logic will lead to nuclear war” He also said, “And then will come the time when many will be ensnared, and they the children of Light will be pressed in the winepress of martyrdom.


# 49 Is it too late to avoid all of this? There is a hopeful sign from recent history.

Finally, in 1984 Pope John Paul II finally got the bishops of the world to consecrate Russia to our Blessed Mother, 64 years after Mary requested it at Fatima. Prior Popes tried to do it, but the Pope has no direct control over local bishops, as the Pope is the bishop of Rome, but Pope over the body of Christ.


#49 Since Russia’s consecration, there has been an explosion of churches in Russia, from several hundred to over 30,000, from 22 to over 800 monasteries, and from zero to over 100 theological schools. Today Russia is rapidly restoring its civil laws to mirror God’s moral laws. When Russia receives the gift of faith, it will have a new role as an apostle to the world. [Why so hopeful about Russia? They were once an Orthodox Christian Nation, and the Russian fervor of their beliefs were known to be the Soul of Russia. And once again Russia will have fire. The fire of the Holy Spirit, in their eagerness to spread the Joy of the Gospel to all.


St. Augustine acknowledged that Satan can turn into evil anything in creation that God has created. But God can always turn evil into good.


#50 There are 3 social principles of the Catholic Church rooted in the supernatural that need to be restored.


1.We must reclaim in our culture, the sacred dignity of the human person, made in the image and likeness of God. The transcendent dignity of the human person, who is the visible image of the invisible God, and therefore by their very nature are the subject of rights which no one may violate.


2.We must reclaim the principle of solidarity – a concern for the family and the common good of all God’s children of the members of the Body of Christ.

The foundation of society rests 1st of all in the indispensable union of man and wife according to the necessity of natural law and completed in the mutual rights and duties of parents and children.


3.Finally, we must reclaim the principle of subsidiarity, the primacy of grass roots decision making, not by an impersonal federal government, but in our towns, communities and families. What is important today to reclaim with great courage the rights due us as a nation. The right to guard and love the right of the freedom of conscience.


The movie says do not hate Saul Alinsky, but we should pray for him. He was just in his noble desire to help the poor, but gravely mistaken in using evil to accomplish a good.


The foundation of America & our philosophy embodied in our constitution, the right to life, liberty and a pursuit of happiness. All stems from the acknowledgment of our creator, who by divine providence, is mercifully active in our world. And if he allows evil to prevail in the world at times, we must not lose hope and faith in him. For God’s designs are mysterious at times, but he will not let evil prevail against his One, Holy, Catholic, Church.

Mother Angelica remarked that rather than get disappointed in God, or even lukewarm, rush to Him Straight Away! Pray and ask Him for true light of the matter in your hearts.


As St. Francis said, “In the Holy Eucharist, God is present to us in the most humble, silent and hidden way as ordinary bread of mankind's labors. And when the anointed priest says the words of Christ over the bread and wine as Christ transforms them into His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. Whereby He mercifully nourishes and renews us in our belief, love and trust in him.


We must turn again to our Good Shepherd Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Son of Mary, who never stops searching for us in the empty fields of this life. He waits for us there. He is always waiting for us with great anticipation, for us with great thirst to come to Him in friendship for a personal relationship with Him.


It is a true testimony to our American people’s yearning for the goodness of God, when a relatively small group of people have to use lies in order to attract a large following of good hearted, innocent followers in order to rule over us.

Jesus came in times such as ours were truth was malleable and bent into whatever gets one ahead. He chose 12 apostles, whose impact through Christ, Our Lord converted much of the world.


Another hopeful sign in our own country is similar to the growing conversion of Russia. In paying attention to our priests, bishops and Popes, to the School of Faith programs and EWTN radio and television, we are introduced to 100’s of saintly people today involved in almost unlimited areas of our daily lives around the world. They are preaching the Good News of the Gospels and leading us faithfully to God and sponsoring good works everywhere. As in times as this, God always raises up good disciples which causes evil to recede back into the dark recesses from whence it came from, devoid of light of God.


Whatever happens to our country and our good hearted, but misled population, we must stay true to the Lord, Jesus Christ. And since God has ordained through the intercession of our Dear Mother Mary, that if we pray the rosary devoutly every day for peace, our prayers will be answered, our great desire fulfilled in our God. This is Satan’s last chance, for he knows the world will be saved by the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

In union with the light of God, good worthy knights we can take consolation in Scripture, where St. James says in Chap. 2 verse 26: “For just as a body without a Spirit is dead; So, also faith without works is dead.” That is because works are the charitable expression of God’s active in our love and the fulfillment of our faith.