Lecturer’s Feb. 8th, 2018 Report: “The Wonder of God’s Science in the Shroud” Referenced to the talk on the latest discoveries of the Shroud. JMJ

I thought it might be nice, since Lent is soon upon us, to talk about the latest findings on the mysteries of the Shroud of Turin. What a great way to experience Lent with a greater assurance that there is much credibility as to this authentic burial cloth of Jesus, and the wonderful discoveries that may help further our faith and trust in Christ. Father Robert Spitzer, a scientist in own right, gave this talk last November, at the yearly NAPA conference, on the latest findings on this intriguing, historical piece of linen cloth.

There were many questions and a controversy about the 1988 Carbon Dating concerning the techniques and locations on the Shroud where each sample (3 in all) was to be removed from different areas of the Shroud, and each sent to one of the 3 impartial, independent labs, whose credentials were impeccable. But the 2 material specialists, chosen to remove the Shroud samples instead, removed a single thread, near a repaired area on the border of the linen cloth with dyed cotton, cut that thread into 3 equal pieces and sent each piece to one of those labs. This was clearly a violation of the testing protocol required for these agreed upon series of experiments.

So these 3 labs came up with an accurate assessment, though from near a single section that was repaired with threads of dyed cotton, through radio carbon dating. These samples were estimated to average around being from the 1300’s, plus or minus several hundred years, well beyond the date of Christ’s resurrection. So, the Shroud, in 1988, was considered to be a forgery - case closed. And the Vatican simply left it at that. But they wisely left a future Carbon Dating in the mix, by waiting until more modern, up-to-date scientific equipment advances and techniques may provide enough circumstantial evidence to warrant another Carbon Dating attempt.

It looks like this time may have arrived. Here are the results provided by Fr. Spitzer as he noted. through modern, state-of- the-art scientific equipment, test procedures, data analysis, enhanced digital photographic techniques, including digital comparison overlays, blood analysis, enzyme analysis, chemical analysis and historical records, the following, informative results were obtained.

·Nailing victims to the cross was a unique torture by the Romans. Typically, they simply tied the arms and feet of their victims to the cross, to exact a gradual, slow, tortious death over a period of 6 to 8 hours, and they finally suffocated in the struggle to alternate between standing and hanging in order to breathe.

·This man had been nailed, driving the spike into the bundle of nerves in the wrist area, at an angle so that they emerged into the hands before going into the cross. This was done so the body weight could be supported, whereas nailing the hands would allow them to tear away at some point, as it would not support his body weight for long. So every time this man stood up, not only was he gasping to breathe, but he felt tremendous, agonizing torture beyond description. It must have felt like the spikes being driven in again, and again each time he moved to breathe.

·That a sharp pointed object had penetrated between the 5th & 6th ribs, presumably by the centurion’s spear, and due to the contusion angle, appearing on one of the ribs yielded a conclusion that the spear was thrown at an upward angle.

·Once past the rib cage, it pierced the paracardial fluid sac, which began to bleed clear fluid down and out of the of the wound in the side. And as the heart was then pierced, its blood soon followed down and out the same wound, which gave the appearance of blood and water gushing from his side.

·The linen cloth, of the Shroud, was very unique as it was much thicker, yet much finer than other linens. Through historical investigation, this type of linen was only from the area of Jerusalem, and Northern Judea, around the time of the crucifixion.

·That through the study of pollen fossils, we know exactly where the Shroud had journeyed and the areas where it had been stored the longest, since Christ’s time. With the most preponderance of pollen, from high to low, being in Jerusalem, Northern Judea, Turkey, Constantinople and lastly Southern France.

·The facecloth had taken a different journey ending up in the Cathedral of Oviedo, Spain since the 600’s. But pollen grains showed it too had a similar journey as that of the Shroud beginning in Jerusalem and Northern Judea.

·The crown of thorns was singularly unique, for this man claimed to be a King and he was mocked by crowning him with a “crown” of thorns formed more like a football helmet than the way artists have portrayed him over the years. His head was covered with thorn wounds driven deeper by the reed they struck him with on, and about the head.

·In testing, the 124 bloodstains on the Facecloth, which was placed completely over and surrounding the head of the victim, matched up perfectly with the shroud’s 124 bloodstains beneath by overlaying one over the other with digital photographic techniques.

·With these findings, we are beginning to see we are starting to have a case for the Vatican to reopen the investigation using the Carbon Dating method. But wait, the 2 last discoveries tend to put everyone in utter awe!

·Through photographic, digitally polarized overlay techniques, scientist discovered, to their amazement, 2 Roman coins, one placed over each eye. These were called Roman Leptons, which was a common Jewish custom to keep the eyelids shut, when viewing the dead body, once it was recovered. But the inscription on these coins were of Pontius Pilate, the one who had condemned, reluctantly, Jesus to death and the minted date was 29 A.D., 4 years before Jesus was crucified!

·The last piece of evidence, and the one most powerfully, awe-inspiring, was that a team of physicists were amazed to find a 3-dimensional configuration that lay in the outer fibrils of the surface of the linen that was somehow interjected with the rest of the images on those fibrils.

·Physicists determined that this one of a kind image was produced primarily by light, most likely by ultraviolet light, and would have to be on the order of several billion watts of energy, but for no more than 1/40th of a billionth of a second, less the accompanying heat energy would have torched the Shroud and destroyed it completely. This intensity of light is incomprehensible to our minds, but it was estimated to be the equivalent of approximately 14,000 excimer ARF Lasers, which exceeds all of the laser and vacuum light radiations that we have in the world today.

· They could see multiple additional contusions both within his body, as well as other images that only an X-ray would detect. For instance, it was puzzling that the bones of his hands are right in configuration with the exterior flesh of his hands, which scientist could only explain through a Mechanically Transparent Hypothesis. [Searching the Dictionary, the terms that best matched this rather obscure description are: Mechanically meaning Power Enabled and Transparent Meaning Luminous. So, this was a Power Enabled, Luminous event, where light was emitted from every 3D point inside, as well as on the surface of the body. The team of scientists concluded that this was a supernatural event and that this man had become spiritual.

·To confirm this last finding’s hypothesis, the resulting material evidence was sent to the Los Alamos Lab for their evaluation. Ten physicists studied the evidence and concluded that this hypothesis was correct. This was no natural event, but a supernatural one. The man had become spiritual.

·Fr. Spitzer, at this point, asks how does a photo of a dead man’s image appear on a non-photographically sensitive linen with such 3D proportionality? It takes several billion watts of UV light, at a maximum of 1/40th of a billionth of a second, so that the image would be dehydrated and fixed on those outer fibrils from every 3-dimensional point from inside, and out of it? Again, exceeding 1/40th of a billion of second would have destroyed the Shroud. Indeed, how does a dead body do that?

·He ended his near hour-long presentation, by saying, “A Miracle of Light and a Miracle of Spirit had taken place in that tomb and the Shroud is an actual relic of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, in the glorious manner which is presented in Scripture. Fr. Spitzer also notes that God planted this illuminating evidence of His Science into this critical time of our scientific culture, at the very moment that near everyone wants to be a skeptic. It is almost like God rearing up and saying to the disbelieving scientists of the world, Gotcha!

There are other findings that are too extensive to cover in a summary like this, but this should be sufficient to understand the big picture. For this is a unique, one of a kind linen with the mystery of the resurrection embedded in it. Who knows, maybe this is the sign that Jesus proclaimed will be given towards the end of time?

We know, one thing for sure, there will be opposing scientists who will never give up on holding the 1988 results as the definitive truth that the Shroud is fake. And any subsequent results, no matter how convincing they may be, will be called a biased, Pope meddling in the truth. Should we be surprised, as those who spurn Christ, also spurn His Mystical Body the Church. To paraphrase, Bishop Sheen once said, many oppose the Church for what they perceive it to be, and not for what it actually is.

May we all make our upcoming Lenten experiences the best ever, in renewed, energized faith and trust in He who suffered so much for our salvation. And in the knowledge revealed by the Shroud of His glorious resurrection, which God wisely planned to be revealed in these ever- darkening times. For today is much like the period in which He chose to come, where evil lurked everywhere and truth was relative, depending on what gave one a sense of the most self -empowerment. May this, almighty powerful statement of the Lord in the Shroud, settle any doubt the real presence of His Divinity, Body and Blood in the most wondrous gift of Eucharist, for our spiritual nourishment to sustain us in communion with Him, His Father and the Spirit, now and forever, Amen.

Vivat Jesus!