Lecturer’s Report: Sept. 13, 2018. Theme: Have we become an Apostate Culture? JMJ

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By the fruits of his labor you will come to know where a man’s heart lies, despite what he professes to believe. And that reality can be extended out to include a whole culture. That is what Christ saw in the in the Jewish culture that surrounded him, when he asked them “Who do you say that I am?”. They demanded a sign to validate his authority as to who he claimed to be. But Jesus knew that were only after the miracles he could work for them personally; but rejected his words as foreign and not applicable to them. Thus, Jesus called them an evil, apostate culture. (The definition of apostate is a renouncer), in this case renouncing Jesus’ blessed words. And so, Jesus has asked each generation, in every culture since this question, “Who do you say that I am”? That was the theme of last month’s talk in case you missed that meeting.


So that same question begs further investigation for our own culture today. The question being do we live in an apostate culture today? And in hindsight we wonder how we, a peace-loving people in the 50’s and early 60’s, where our kids could ride their bikes or walk most anywhere in safety. Where they not only left their doors unlocked when away from home, but often left their keys in the ignition. What happened to our country in the last 60 years or so? For our country has become full of chaos, unceasing violence, and polarization has fallen over our whole land into static gridlock.


We get some insight from this in a sociology book in public school’s curriculum, back in the 60’s, that noted a trend through the ages. When societies respected the dignity of life, when they took in the elderly parents into their homes, when they took care of the mentally challenged, and valued even the those unable to contribute to society because of a disability of some kind, it was a good time to raise a family. Through these practices, they became a kinder, gentler and compassionate people. But in cultures that outright killed their babies, euthanized those not worthy of living as they had lost any value to society, and practiced and also championed suicide for those a burden on the state, it became a chaotic, violent culture.


These practices ring loud and patently true in much of our politically correct culture proclaiming relativism where truth can be bent and shaped any way it suits you - much like the culture in which Jesus chose to appear. But we, the disciples of Jesus Christ, recognize such practices are serious offences against our triune God, and can easily lead to a sorry end for all responsible for it.


Today, approximately 1 million babies are aborted each year in our country and 45 million worldwide with our country’s encouragement to do so. Our omnipotent God values the dignity of life and is extremely angry about our country’s involvement in this movement worldwide, which largely sprang from our country. We have in our country those who freely promote euthanasia, assisted suicide, and want to reduce the undesirables in our country, for the good of the whole, for the good of the nation, for the good of all.


Devil worship is, understandably, on the rise because the Dark Prince, and his legion of hellish cohorts gleefully thrives in such a dark climate. Thanks to the dedication of the America Needs Fatima group, their protests in front of 6 high schools, across the country, have kept a proposed after school extracurricular classes from the advancing the causes of the devil have all been shut down. But how long can they stand effectively against a politically correct dogma, that requires all approaches of thought should be given equal expression. Of course, this unwritten law of relativity does not allow the free expression of Christians in the public square, which is skewed, with flaws with the warped concept as it prevents us from our equal expressions of thought, which is allowed to them.


Catholics were once a solid majority in our country in most all of the last century, but since the 1990’s many have abandoned their faith in droves as they see our faith practices as too harsh compared to the unlimited freedoms and happiness offered by our secular society today. Others have joined evangelical churches for a simpler religion steeped in the belief of the Holy Spirit, and Sola Scriptura, which condemns the traditions that our Church has adopted. But even the tradition of the Holy Mass centered around the Holy Eucharist that Christ established as a tradition can be found in Holy Scripture.


Atheism is on the rise in this country, despite the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, who was the 1st. to recognize that there was only one, omnipotent god, by constructing 5 transcendental truths that proves that there is only one God who created all things. How can man look out into the universe and not think a mighty creator made all of this? But atheists are blinded to reality of it all and they persist because they prefer not to have a God in their lives, because without a God they can become gods unto themselves. The great Russian novelist Alexander Dostoyevsky said it most concisely (Russia was a solid Christian, Orthodox country until the last century) in proclaiming that without God, all is permissible. Therefore, the average American might think that good can co-exist as well as evil. But without God, evil always prevails, because the Devil moves in to bring darkness over the land and only God can prevent that ugly travesty!


Only 25 % of Catholics attending weekly Sunday Mass believe in the real presence of Jesus’ body, blood, souls and divinity in Holy Eucharist. And only 2% of Catholics across the board, go to confession, the rest self-relying on simply telling Jesus they are sorry and thus are forgiven. Many Catholics have declared, we are tired of preaching, we want to witness real signs of God’s presence in our lives.


So, have we become an evil culture, according to Jesus’ words. The answer is a resounding yes considering where we are at this point in our overall culture. That does not mean all of the culture are condemned, for those, who stand faithfully and earnestly behind Jesus’ every word; and put God above all things in their lives are certainly not part of this apostate culture. As Catholics, we must standup and protest against evils that threaten our nation, like the heroic America Needs Fatima group, else we have no one to blame but ourselves


How could Catholics and Protestants alike have kept our faithful majorities aligned with our churches? I have included St. John Chrysostom’s words of wisdom in an appendage on how we Catholics could have remained steadfast in our faith, in great numbers due to the wisdom of his words. For if we had followed his advice, we would still be a thriving, unified Catholic culture, with the Devil at a loss as what to do but bypass us, in search of weaker prey.


St. John Paul II, who championed and was devoted to Our Lady the Rosary at Fatima, revealed that Mary still had messages in modern times that apply to today’s culture.


In the 3rd and last talk next month we will deal with the undercurrents of evil in our country planted in the last century that eventually put our country into this mucky mess, and also what part Our Lady of the Rosary will play in all of this.


We need to be an example to our families, worthy knights, and champion the nightly rosary praying for God to restore Peace in our country and the world. No need to alarm the children but we need to pray for Our Merciful God to deliver us from these hours of our dark destruction, because if America, which was the beacon of hope for the world, Sentinel and Protector of democratic freedoms around the world falls, all democratic democracies throughout the world will fall as the devil’s cohorts of fury will cover the whole world in evil’s deceiving designs.


Only God can help us at this point, else all is lost.

Vivat Jesus - Our Lord and Savior



Appendage: St. John Chrysostom Words of Wisdom


This is the feast day of a celebrated saint, St. John Chrysostom, who was a magnificent writer and preacher in defending the Church against the heretics and atheists that threatened the Church. Here is his battle plan to keep the devil at bay. Which was in the spoken sermon for today (Sept 13) on EWTN Global, Catholic Television.


All evil in the world can be attributed to the lack of the knowledge of Scripture. Not the superficial knowledge of Scripture; but in our eagerness to understand it. St. John also said the devil will not entera home that has the gospel lying somewhere in that home. And how much less will he approach those within the house who have such scriptural thoughts running in their minds. So, in this dedicated consideration of the Scripture, in loving and pondering Scripture’s words, we reap the bountiful fruits of God’s grace within our souls, and align ourselves totally with God, which frustrates the devil to no end. He will avoid us and go on to search for easier prey, the clueless souls that may mean well, but be snares by his lying tongue.”